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Monday, April 05, 2010

General Conference weekend

On Friday night, Kev and Seth left me and Maddie all by our lonesome at the Pink House. Kev was scheduled to help Seth do some work on his house in Sandy, and I stayed behind so I could teach a Yoga class early Saturday morning.

When Saturday afternoon rolled around, Maddie and I moved from the couch to my bedroom to finish the last session of General Conference. It also proved to be a wonderful photo opportunity for us. Maddie could tell a trip was pending because she watched me pack an overnight bag and get some of her things ready. She gets extra cuddly when she knows we're going somewhere. I believe it's her way of reminding me not to leave her behind.

Isn't it adorable how she rubs her shedding black self all over my white shirt?

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  1. aww that is sooo cute! and you look really pretty too :] when i'm home by myself i look far from pretty hahaha, so props to you! ♥


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