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Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy freakin birthday.

Oh how I love spring. Kev and I walked around Temple Square in SLC on Friday night and the smell of all the blooms was so invigorating. Kev kept saying it smelled like summer. The sights were just as lovely as the scents. Even the chill in the air didn't keep us from enjoying our stroll among the flowers (and borrowing Kev's hoodie made it that much more enjoyable for me).

The poppies are so cheerful and I'm jealous mine never bloomed at the pink house. Maybe another year. Maybe with the help of a real green thumb.

My dear Kev was so tolerant of my desire to photograph. He makes funny faces regardless, but I think he still looks handsome in front of the flowers and the SLC Temple.

Daffodils seem to be one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and the varieties on Temple Square were no exception. Some had bright orange centers and yellow heads while others were simple paper-whites. So beautiful. And I got to pretend they were all blooming just for my birthday.

After Temple Square we returned to the hotel and used our dining credit to enjoy steak and seafood at Spencer's. The best part of our meal was the loaded hash browns we shared. Bacon is quite possibly the best thing ever. Another one of the best things ever? Returning to our hotel room and finding our sparkling cider chilling on ice, just waiting to be sipped in fluted glasses.

Aren't we fancy?

I fell asleep before 9 while Kev watched TV (the fancy continues!) and then we headed to the hotel pool. It was the perfect ending to a lovely day. There's nothing better than soaking one's pregnant feet in the hot tub after a day of walking and eating. Spending my birthday with Kev was the best part of it all, especially since we'd found out at the end of the week that he has has some work possibilities starting up next week.

Three cheers for a healthy year.


  1. oh, those flowers are just gorgeous!! i miss seeing temple square all dolled up like that - thanks for the glimpses! sounds like a perfect birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday again! The flowers out at the temple are beautiful!


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