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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pretty kitty

When I was 12 or so, my mom brought home a cat. He'd been in a couple of homes before ours, and I was determined to make him feel welcome. In order to bond with him and let him know that I was his #1 fan, we spent our first afternoon together in my room. I laid kitty on my chest and willed him to love me.

Thankfully, it worked and Punkin would come running home at night when I called his name out the side door of the house.

He even moved from Utah to Maine with the family a couple of years later. He eventually left one day and never came back.

But forget about that sad part and instead enjoy this adorable photo of him sleeping in an empty planter on the sunny back porch.


  1. Your cat is gorgeous, but I'm almost too distracted by those great blue porch railings to notice. Oh, how I love bold colors.

  2. My mom will die when she sees this photos since the railings have been "updated," to say the least. The electric blue was never her favorite, although it made the house easy to find!


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