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Friday, April 23, 2010

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

You know how throwing out all sorts of positive energy is supposed to encourage other positive energy to come flying back at you? Like Karma?

Does that really work?

I mean, I've been filling myself up to my eyeballs with positive energy and sending it out there as much as I can. Seriously. I've even been told by clients that I have the most pleasant "phone voice" they've ever heard. Doesn't that count for something? In the midst of chaos, I still put forth a kind front to clients... most of the time. But you get what I'm saying. When I'm outside I gush until I'm blue in the face about how wonderful nature is. I appreciate it and how marvelous the miracles of the Earth are (except snow). Kev even has us pray over our cereal when we eat breakfast in the mornings. CEREAL, PEOPLE. Like cereal needs any help being nutritious. I comment on people's blogs to let them know they have appreciative readers. Who doesn't love a blog comment? And this might be the biggest act of goodness of all time- when I needed a foot rub last week, I did it MYSELF instead of begging Kev to do it for me. Hello?! Pregnant lady rubbing her own feet over here.

So, Karma. What more can I do so that I get a little somethin'somethin' in return? Namely, a job for my husband? I know that he'll hear back from one potential employer in May, but that is really really really far away from today. And it is really really really close to my due date if you're considering the big picture.

It's not that I want to have my pilates buddy and then stay at home for the rest of my life. I just want the option of not going back to work 3 short weeks after she's born. Remember how my parents aren't even coming until 3 weeks after she's born? Yeah, I'd like to be home with them instead of just having them babysit for 2 weeks.

Karma, I believe in you. Seriously. I practice Yoga, and I believe in positive energy and giving to the universe and finding inner peace. I know I have to do a lot in order to get something in return. I KNOW. Stop trying to teach me lessons. It's not like I asked for a foot rub or anything. I'll rub my own feet for the rest of my life if you'll just help my husband find a job before my pilates buddy is born.

Is that really too much to ask?


  1. it'll come! i have faith.

    rubbing your own feet!?!! saintly, right there. :)

  2. I'll send all the extra karma I have your way. What kind of job is he looking for? Just so all of us can keep an eye out ;)

  3. ask Kevin about the "Positive Power of Negative Thinking." Will Gadd talked about it in his presentation a few weeks back. It was all about situational awareness, and he was focused on the outdoors, but its been interesting applying it to my own every-day life...

  4. It'll come, but it really sucks to wait! I've been keeping my ears open, but I haven't heard of anything yet.

    Thanks for sharing your positivity too, it has cheered me up a time or two. :)

  5. we hear you loud and clear over here. oh, minus that whole baby thing haha. i'm so sorry liv. i hope something good turns up soon. apx is hiring haha ;]

  6. I don't think any amount of positive (or negative) thinking can change your life...although having a positive attitude does help things, which you do have. I am sort of comforted by the fact that all my work means nothing and that I can do absolutely nothing to get myself ahead. Every step, every breath, every day, every gift, every friend, every situation, and all forgiveness is given to me by one thing: the grace of God and his work alone.

    Oh and tell Kev to keep his eye out on for employment opportunities...there are always positions on there!

    I love you guys!


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