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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Week 22

I wish there was such a thing as "growing a baby" leave from work. I'm tired! I battled a cold last week that did nothing for my mood. I almost convinced Kev that the baby asked for NyQuil. Sleeping with congestion is not easy. But through it all I triumphed, and Kev admitted I did really, really well in comparison to how I usually am when sick.

My target ultrasound was this week, which is another one of those milestones I'm happy to check off my list. As of Tuesday my Pilates buddy is 1 pound and has no eyes on the ultra-dimensional ultrasound. Her heart is about the size of a dime and it's probably comparable in size to the cyst the tech found. Thankfully, it isn't in the vicinity of my Pilates buddy so it doesn't affect her in the slightest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't burst and cause me some problems though.

It's just so super weird to see her face. And to know that she's floating around in all sorts of... stuff. As always though, I'm happy to check in with her and see what's going on. I'm especially happy to note that her nose seems to be well-proportioned to her face. You see, in my family we kind of have big noses.

I'm still not thrilled about the 4D ultrasounds, but it seems I have no choice but to get them printed with regular ones each visit. You should see how my step dad can manipulate them to show fake eyelids on this girl. Seth said he's just glad her eyes aren't wide open and glowing red. Me too.

Teaching Pilates and Yoga is still a highlight of my week (if you couldn't tell from my Yoga post earlier this week) and it makes me feel so stretchy and light and fluffy and happy. I hope this little one will find things in life to make her feel the same. I'm sure Kev hopes it's rock climbing.

Speaking of Kev, he felt my Pilates buddy busting a move on Sunday. It was a very subtle flutter but he was still pretty psyched. Me too. Just wait until we see her foot pressing out of my belly.

I had a lot of discomfort this week that sent me home early from work. I slept for three hours on Thursday afternoon and felt so much better when I woke up. I think I forget that I do need a lot more sleep now that I'm growing a human being. I can't function on what I'm used to. My body gives me big hints when it's ready to refuel and I need to listen more. I have to remember that this baby is way more important than working a full day. It's just so hard to justify taking time away from work when I'm the one bringing in the money. I choose to take unpaid leave when I'm sick so the leave I take after the baby comes can bring in a paycheck.

Kev said we'll figure something out when it comes time for me to have the baby. He wants me to take more than just the 20 days of paid leave that I've accumulated. I told him that's great, but I can't afford it if I'm the only one working. I just don't see how it can work out. The interview I'd been hoping Kev would have has been postponed to May, if it happens at all. That means we'll be in the 6th month of this unemployment cycle. That means I'll be 2 months away from having the baby by the time Kev will know if he'll have a full-time job.

Now that I've started thinking about all of that, I'll think I'll crawl into bed and cry a little until I feel better.


  1. Thats so fun Kev finally felt her move. And thats good the cyst wont be a problem for her but hopefully its not a problem for you.

  2. It was awesome when Scotty was able to feel the babe so thats cool! And I know what you're talking about with being sick. I'm still recovering, but it's getting better! I can tell you are pretty stressed about Kev's job situation- and for good reason! I'm seriouisly going to ask my brothers this weekend if their places of employment are hiring or if they know anyone that needs help! I totally have my eyes peeled for you guys! Keep the faith my love!

  3. She's beautiful Liv!!! You know it's a beautiful baby when her 4d sound looks so incredible! I'll say prayers for you and her and Kevin. I Know there's lots to worry about and if you ever want to talk I'm always here.

  4. As I've mentioned before, I'm far from baby-crazy (and I agree with you on the weirdness of 4D ultrasounds), but that is a pretty cute "picture" of your little one!


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