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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 23

I have a theory that there's a memory loss hormone women experience high levels of after giving birth. Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense to do this more than once. It drags on forever! It brings weight gain! It brings acne! It brings farts! It brings mood swings!

I'm not having heartburn, but I'm having a dreadfully uncomfortable feeling of being overly-full. Even after having one bowl of cereal, or one glass of juice. But in the very same day I'll eat a PB&J sandwich for lunch and find myself starving an hour later. It's difficult to anticipate what my appetite will be like during the workday. I either have too much packed in my lunch or not enough. Thankfully, my problems could be a lot worse. I'm very lucky that appetite seems to be my main struggle this week.

I'm also getting tired of peeing, but that's to be expected. I just didn't realize it was possible for my bladder to feel smaller than it did before pregnancy. At my target ultrasound last week, my Pilates buddy was using my bladder as a pillow. As the tech stabbed her wand into my abdomen, it became painfully aware that was the case without even seeing it on the monitor.

Kev often catches me pulling in my stomach in order to reminisce about the pre-pregnancy days. He immediately orders me to stop because he insists I'm going to squish the baby. I'm like, dude, I suck her in for an hour every time I teach pilates, and she has yet to hold up a banner that reads "SEND HELP!" for the dr to view during an ultrasound. I'm pretty sure she's nestled in there real good and doesn't mind the squeeze. Plus, I need the reminder that I do still have abdominal muscles.

My last WSU pilates class is next Tuesday, and I've already submitted a request to be considered for a summer slot. I really do want to keep teaching, even as this belly gets bigger and the postures get harder. It's only fair that I'm just as challenged as my class, right? It looks like the summer schedule goes through the end of July, so I just might be able to squeak through the finish line before my Pilates buddy makes her debut.

Maddie seems to sense that her spot as top dog is soon going to be taken. She always wants to cuddle. While at Seth's last weekend she even slept with her head on my face. While catching up on "LOST" she insisted on being cradled in my lap for most of the episode. I could barely get out of my chair afterward. Let's just say I'm grateful I won't be giving birth to a 23-pound baby. I need to work my way up to that weight class.

Overall, I feel good. I feel blessed. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity, even if it is making me gain weight, break out, fart and have insane mood swings. The good news is that I'll forget all about that after the baby comes and I'll be ready to do it all again!


  1. the appetite thing is weird, for sure. and don't worry about the weight! i totally admire you for teaching still, but the belly will be there. :) i think it's awesome, and i'm sure your class does too!

  2. awww, little maddie :] i've heard animals can totally sense it. one of our friends had to give away their cat because he started being super territorial, even when she was still just pregnant! good thing maddie is such a sweet dog :]


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