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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 25

This is my glamorous week of pregnancy. Ok, more like, TODAY is my glamorous day. There's nothing glamorous about the huge Arby's lunch I had on Wednesday that left me practically immobile for the rest of the work day. And there certainly isn't anything glamorous about heaving oneself out of bed each morning with an audible groan.

Back to the glamour - I'm starting with an hour-long Yoga practice (join me for free at 9am!), then Bethany and I are having massages (she has a coupon!) and then we'll be getting $15 facials at Zjani's salon. It's going to be a fabulous day and I'm looking forward to all the pampering and endorphins.

I'm also really excited about the tea tree oil I purchased from The Body Shop earlier this month. It has saved my skin and boosted my confidence. I'm thrilled to see the difference after such a short period of time. Little things like that add up to so much. When so many other things are changing and are beyond my control it's nice to know that I can at least influence something.

What are you doing to feel glamorous this week?


  1. does sleeping in tomorrow count as doing something to make me feel glamorous?!

    have fun being pampered!!

  2. yay for good skin! i got my hurr did on thursday. so i didnt even have to do it friday morning, i just went to graduation looking hot! i've also been wearing eye shadow lately, which i havent done in a while because i'm lazy haha. but i like it :]

  3. oh, that sounds nice!!! caleb and i weeded our entire yard for 5 hours today. it was that bad. but i did it in as little clothing as i could so i could start a tan. :) (with sunscreen of course)without being too scandalous, of course.

    now i feel like plopping...or getting some fantastic food. i totally forgot about tea tree oil, i used their face wash in high school. ooh, and that hemp lotion? ohmigosh, amazing. how come i forgot about the body shop?!

  4. you totally deserve that glamorous day. You are glamorous always, but sometimes we all need some pampering. Especially when the two of you are sharing a body!


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