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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A gift that keeps giving.

The original $10 bouquet that Kev gave me for "Mother's Day" has now been split into four separate arrangements in the Pink House. I was tired of seeing the droopy flowers hanging on to the ones that are still thriving, so I did some pruning and divided everything up.

Kev found this half gallon jug in the basement and cleaned it out for me to use on the kitchen table with the biggest cluster of thriving flowers. Our basement has a random assortment of old bottles that I'd forgotten about until he dug this beautiful one out for me.

As impractical as it is to put flowers on my bedside table, I went ahead and cleared a space for a small vase. Usually I have books and lotions and water bottles and more stacked up that keeps the space from being used for something beautiful. I'm motivated to keep it cleared off for at least as long as this bouquet lives!

For the living room, I used an old jam jar and a green bottle Kev brought home years ago when hiking in Ogden. Before now, I used the green bottle to water my potted plants that are scattered around the house.

I love how it looks with a single Gerbera daisy popping out of the top.

The fresh flower bug has officially bit me and I'm afraid I'm going to get used to having them around for another week and then start suffering major withdrawals. The good news is that my local grocery store is undergoing construction, so they're having killer sales on everything in order to push inventory. I'm hoping to benefit from that and keep some bouquets in the PH throughout the summer.

What better way to welcome my Pilates buddy into the world than with fresh flowers? I mean, that's all she really needs so I should stop worrying about all the other odds and ends.


  1. oh la la! i especially adore the green jar! fresh flowers really are the best... maybe i will have to go get some for our apartment to liven it up a bit!

  2. You should plant yourself a shasta daisy. Then you'll have good cutting flowers all summer long. And they're quite hardy little plants.

  3. haha true that. i like all of these! i love old bottles as vases. i just bought a vintage purple bottle the other day that i guess was originally a ketchup bottle. it looked pretty with a single tulip in it. and a flower on the bedside table is a good would help me clean out "narnia". hmmmm...

  4. I love having fresh flowers around too. I don't know why I never buy them, they're so uplifting! You have inspired me to go get some. Maybe tomorrow...

  5. That half-gallon jug is SWEET! And, I hear you about wanting fresh flowers on your bedside table. I've tried that, too, but it's pretty impractical, what with the cuticle cream, water bottle, ring holder, double-alarm clock and book, and all. Just no room for glamour anymore, huh? :)

  6. I especially love how the big jug has a little handle at the neck of it. It looks like an old-timey "XXX" moonshine bottle.

    Previous renters/owners were alcoholics, so perhaps it is.


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