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Monday, May 10, 2010

I still don't really believe in Mother's Day even though I'm 7 months pregnant.

What is the deal with Mother's Day? I mean, seriously? Growing up, my family didn't really celebrate Mother's Day or my mom's birthday, but that's just because we're kind of weird. My family's weirdness is probably part of what has lead me to have some of these perceptions of Mother's Day. Since it wasn't necessary to celebrate these days in order to show my mom I love her, it seems kind of silly to start celebrating now that I'm on my own way to motherhood.

Isn't the fact that I'm a woman reason enough to celebrate? What I mean is... what about the women we know who will never be mothers in this life? Do we really need a holiday that reminds them of this? Something that may make them feel inadequate and less special than Fertile Myrtle who pops out a new baby every year?

The feminist in me demands that Mother's Day instead be Celebration of Women Day. It should be a day to recognize the divine potential of every woman on earth, whether or not she has children. It should be a day when every woman is allowed to feel amazing and full of worth. It shouldn't be a day that only lets "real" moms have breakfast served in bed while "fake" moms (those who don't have kids or who have fur-babies instead) get up and pour their own cereal.

You may be wondering if Kev dropped the ball and failed to recognize me as a woman on Sunday. No, he did not. We picked out a bouquet of flowers for me on Saturday and he did wish me a happy day with lots of love and kindness. I don't have my opinions of Mother's Day because I have felt left out in the past. I have my opinions of Mother's Day because it's been commercialized so much that it limits our definition of who deserves to be recognized on this day.

I do understand that being a mother is something to celebrate. But wanting to be a mother, and having the potential to be a mother is also something to celebrate. So, to women everywhere, I tip my hat to you. Keep being amazing, whether you're being amazing with or without children in tow.


  1. I don't know if you remember me, but I met you at Zjani's shower. Anyway, thank you so much for the post! It's nice to know people out there really do care about women aren't all baby makers. People still tell me happy mothers day, but why?? I am not a mother and they are reminding me that I am not. I totally agree with what you think.

  2. I am right with you Liv! I am forced to smile and say thanks to all the boys handing out flowers at church yesterday because, while I am not a mom, I am an adult woman. Nice of everyone to remind me so nicely that I am lacking in that part of my life.
    I think that if you love your mother, you show her regularly that you do, don't save it up for one day a year to surprise her with stuff she most likely doesn't want or need!

  3. I LOVE the title you came up with. "Celebration of Women". I totally agree. Our Ward is the only ward I've ever been to that tells all Women to stand to receive their gift, or invite all women to have pie! "Mother's Day" should totally be changed to your title.

  4. Father's Day should be the same thing! A day to recognize the potential or desire of all men to parent.

  5. Good food for thought, Liv, thanks for sharing! And yes, I agree that we need a day just to celebrate women!

  6. I agree that Mother's Day is sort of stupid (because really: "Thanks for giving birth to me and raising me, here's a brunch and a $12 bouquet. Now, what's on the ol' TV?") but I don't think it should turn into Celebrate Women's Day. I mean, shouldn't EVERY DAY be Celebrate Women's Day? :)


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