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Monday, May 24, 2010

Localicious in O-town, WOO!

My friend Jess asked me if I had heard of Localicious, which is a vendor fair being hosted in my very own city. Wow, did I feel dumb that I had no clue what she was talking about, and she's from PROVO.

Anyway, she brought me up to speed and invited me to share a booth with her and her crafty partner-in-crime Darci. I'm looking forward to getting my wares on the streets of Ogden. After all, that's what 25th street is known for... peddling goods of all varieties (you know I'm making a reference to hookers, right?).

Localicious is on Saturday, May 29th and it's open to the public at 10am. Booths will be set up in front of the Union Station's fountain facing Wall Avenue.

For more information about the event, you can visit the Localicious Facebook page. Or you could just stop by and see me, Jess and Darci with other supporters of everything handmade. To whet your appetite, check out some of what I've got stocked up for the event:

I'm looking forward to Localicious because I'm excited to explore another venue for sharing my wares. I'm especially happy to have earrings and rings added to my inventory.

Be sure to join us on the 29th at 10am. Can't wait to see/meet you!


  1. ohhhh -- I love the new goods! I so wish I could come... but alas I work Saturdays! :(

  2. I hope I can come! It sounds like a lot of fun!! ha ha I'm in your picture at the top of this page ;)


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