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Friday, May 14, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXI

My little Pink House is growing up. This spring it has two new trees planted in the parking strip, and a brand-new lawn is being grown from seed in the front. Thanks to all the rain, the seed is staying put and being watered daily for free. Hallelujah!

This only represents one of the two trees, and this week they both have fresh, green leaves brightening their spindly branches. I love seeing them hold their own against the freakishly strong canyon winds (that blow over a garbage can full of yard debris and cinder blocks without hesitation). Ogden City was giving away free trees for use in parking strips and Kev was fortunate enough to get us two. Yea nature!
The other really huge project at the PH took place in the garage this month. Kev got extremely motivated and turned our garage into an actual place for a car.

He built floor-to-almost-the-ceiling shelves along one wall and stacked up everything that for two years has been sitting in the middle of the garage. He spent an entire day organizing everything onto the shelves he built.
He even decorated but placing his collection of license plates on the opposite wall around the door to the house.

It is so wonderful to have space in the garage. And it's wonderful that Kev dug out the towel holder I bought for the bathroom and installed it by the sink where it belongs. I oohed and ahhed over that for a good ten minutes. Since I have to pee every 15 minutes, it IS a big deal to now have a hand towel conveniently hanging by my sink.

Other updates for the house include rewiring so we can relocate the computer and rearrange the living room... cleaning out the basement more so we can move boxes out of the baby's room... and catering to the lawn so it will grow into something luscious that will make the city think twice before issuing us a warning about being ghetto.

We'll see how far we get before we lose steam again. I'm hoping the baby deadline will keep both of us motivated to get this place in tip-top shape.

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