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Friday, May 21, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXII

For my birthday, Kev said I could get a new duvet cover. I had my heart set on a pattern, but when I got to IKEA last weekend, I realized this yellow/white polka-dot cover is MUCH softer. Also, I couldn't find the pattern in brown so I decided to try something else altogether.

In addition to getting myself a new duvet cover, I also got my Pilates buddy some bedding (finally). I know this FABLER duvet cover is for a twin, but I couldn't pass up the light yellow stars. She can use it when she's in her big-girl bed, and until then it'll be stored with some of her big-girl clothes in the bins I'm putting under the crib.

In the meantime, she'll have these super-soft sheets in green and pink, plus this starry blue comforter to keep her cozy. I also had to pick up the biggest orange-and-red-polka-dotted stuffed hippo I've ever seen. They've always been a favorite animal of mine so I'm hoping to pass on the love to my Pilates buddy. Kev said she's not allowed to sleep with it until she's bigger. Otherwise there's the possibility she'll roll under the hippo never to be seen again.

Slowly but surely, things are coming together. I know I don't need to keep worrying because feeling unprepared is completely natural and I do have to go with the flow. That thought won't stop me from worrying, but at least I know it's not unwarranted.


  1. You pick out such cute things!!!

  2. Love the duvet cover you picked! Your bed looks so soft and inviting.

  3. I didn't know what duvets were until about two years ago (seriously). And from that moment on, my life was changed. Good score on the cute cover!


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