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Friday, May 28, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXIII

Kev and I collaborated on a project this month for the PH. I saw this teacup bird feeder/bath on a blog or random website (I honestly cannot remember where) and I thought it'd be a great addition to the front yard.

I mean, I had the idea, so I can still claim to be involved, but since I couldn't find sandpaper or glue when I was home alone one day, Kev ended up doing each phase of the project. And then he finished it and I saw it planted in front of the PH last Friday when I came home.

It was a simple project that we did in about a week- Kev found the awesome teacup and saucer at DI and used silicone to secure them together. He let it dry for a couple of days before using extra PVC from the basement as a post on the bottom of the saucer. He even went so far as to use a fitting slightly larger in diameter than the post so we can slip the saucer on and off when we want to relocate the post.

We've been watering the lawn a lot (whether with free rain or from our PH itself) and I noticed that the birds are very interested in drinking from the small puddles that collect on the sidewalk and driveway. That's when I decided this project was right for us. Now the birds can perch on either handle of the teacup and take a sip from the cup rather than from the sidewalk. It's the least I can do to thank them for NOT eating the grass seed Kev spread this spring.

I love seeing the little birds right outside our front window enjoying the seeds on their little yellow perch. Maddie loves it too.


  1. Brilliant! And lovely too!

  2. so cute! and bear would be flippin out inside. :) i couldn't put that in a place where he could see it, or he'd set off our car alarm from all his whining.

    wouldn't it be fun to do several of them together? in varying lengths?!

  3. I do want to add more, especially if I can get some wildflowers to grow in that area. It'd be so quaint right in front of the house. And who doesn't have old cups and plates that could be upcycled into bird feeders?

  4. Kev showed it to me the other morning. He told me you made it. It is super cute. Very creative.


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