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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Week 26

My latest appointment was a bust, to say the least. I arrived crying because I let work get me frustrated and overwhelmed. I had hoped to get all my tears out on the car ride to the Dr's office, but it wasn't a long enough drive. I probably should have driven 5 hours south to St. George or something.

I pulled myself together at the front desk only to be told my Dr was running behind 45 minutes. Fine, except that I was scheduled for my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. If the test isn't administered within a certain window of opportunity, it doesn't produce any results. Regardless of the obvious FAIL there, I waited for over an hour to see my Dr. I know that when I go into labor, I want him with me at the hospital, so I completely understand that he can't always guarantee his schedule for those not in labor.

But to add insult to the injury of having ingested way too much sugar for a test I couldn't take, the Dr mentions that my target ultrasound detected a missing third vessel in the baby's umbilical cord. He mutters that it used to indicate a higher chance of stillbirth, but that it isn't a guarantee there's anything wrong these days. He also mentioned that it sometimes indicates down syndrome, so we'll just check the baby closely during the upcoming appointments.

Hi, did I mention that I already had an emotional break down for the day and my quota was met?

I've made it a point not to worry about things I cannot control within this pregnancy. To an extent, I can do nothing to contribute to the baby's health. All I can do is eat right, exercise, take my vitamins and hope for the best. I still maintain that philosophy even with the results of the target ultrasound indicating that there could be a problem. Until any further testing of amniotic fluid indicates a definiteproblem, I can't let myself worry. And I never, ever go to the Internet to look things up. EVER.

Regardless of the drama early in the week, there are some highlights. Kev and I were offered a perfectly good crib from my co-worker and it now resides triumphantly in the baby's room. Did you read that part carefully? IT'S IN THE BABY'S ROOM. It isn't in the living room. It isn't in the garage. It isn't still in my car. It's actually in the room where it belongs. I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday evening clearing boxes and reorganizing Rubbermaid bins so I could put that stupid crib in that stupid room.

Not that I'm bitter about it or anything. Although I do wish IKEA could come up to my Pink House and cram everything into closets and cupboards and nooks like in their tiny showrooms. I need that kind of genius to successfully find a place for everything. At least I'm all set to cram the baby in her own crib in her own room. Hooray for small miracles!


  1. hi liv - i love reading your blog each week, im sorry this was such a rough day for you. i just wanted to let you know that as a NICU nurse, we go to a lot of delivies and I see many babies born without that third vessel who are happy, healthy and beautiful, and they never have to touch foot inside our NICU.. they go straight to momma. love, alana

  2. i'm sorry dear. my offer still stands to come help you at any time. kk? love you :]

  3. I do know that the Dr was probably just mentioning it so it wouldn't be a surprise if something develops later... but shouldn't we do more than just mention something like that?!

    At least this is the biggest hiccup I've experienced so far. I'm very very very lucky!

  4. ack, liv! i can't believe all the crap you go through at work! it can't be healthy.

    so sorry about the extra ultrasound drama. you seem to have a great attitude about it! definitely no reason to worry - you are an inspiration.

  5. Can I just say that I absolutely love the closets in IKEA. As a very type A personality, they are a thing of beauty to me. I wish I had IKEA closets. I think they are GORGEOUS!


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