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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Week 27

What you are viewing is A) the free mattress I got from Amanda, B) the free crib I got from Derrick and Melissa, and C) the dog I adopted almost 3 years ago who is most-definitely NOT free. Have you ever paid for your dog to have a tooth removed? Good golly that's expensive.

Oh, do you like the yellow/gold walls (although the photo has been edited and colors are not true)? Kev painted them for us last summer and I've loved the color as an office (even if I've hated the room itself with all its junk). I'm grateful I picked a color that works for our Pilates buddy because I really really really didn't want Kev to have to paint it all over again. And I really really really didn't want to go through the hassle of picking out yet another color.

Kev and I went to Saver's this week and picked up extremely cheap items for the baby. As always, Miss Maddie had to test them out first for comfort. I'd say this little brown Old Navy dress definitely passes the test.

At almost 7 months along, I can feel the squeeze internally as my organs shift around. It's good news though because it indicates that my Pilates buddy is getting some meat on her bones. It's just uncomfortable not having enough room for my lungs inside my own chest. Additionally, teaching Pilates is getting more difficult due to my growing size. I'm only scheduled to teach through the middle of July though, so I'm hoping to hang on just a little longer before succumbing to the bulge.

Yoga on Saturday mornings is still going well- mostly because it requires less aerobic abdominal work. Thank goodness for that. I love the good stretch I get and the strength it keeps in my legs and back. I need all the help I can get keeping my belly from dragging on the floor.

Overall, I feel really good about pregnancy. I know it's offered ups and downs, but I am so grateful to be healthy and functional. So far it has been an amazing experience and I'm humbled to be given this opportunity to bring another person into this world with Kev.
And I really like finding $0.99 baby clothes at thrift stores. It's very satisfying.

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