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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week 30

I called in "too pregnant" to work a couple of Mondays ago. Having awoken around 5:30 without being able to fall asleep again, I was not in a state to put in 8 hours at my desk. Naively, I didn't realize that getting pregnant would be the end of restful nights as I knew them. I can't remember the last time I slept for a solid 4 hours straight. It's good practice though. And since it happens pretty much every night, I think I'm getting a good dry run in before my Pilates buddy arrives.

One thing I enjoyed the most about staying home was the freedom I had to eat my meals when I was hungry instead of having to wait until I was so beyond hungry that I felt like throwing up. There should be a rule that pregnant women can eat whenever they want, regardless of clients who think their phone call is a matter of life or death.

I've been extremely thirsty this week, but have felt too full to keep guzzling liquids. It's one of the more frustrating symptoms I've experienced in the third trimester. Thankfully, the home-made fruit smoothies Kev and I have been concocting hit the spot pretty well. I just need to refrain from threatening Kev when he slurps his. I had to apologize Sunday night for telling him he either had to stop slurping or I'd kill him. Yeah. I felt my brain explode during that conversation.

Other than constant thirst and painful kicks from my Pilates buddy, I've no major complaints. Again, I know I've been extremely fortunate to have a smooth pregnancy so far. No barfing, no cramping, no complications, and best of all- no cankles yet! As a fitness instructor I've been really paranoid to get into the swelling stage. Who wants to attend a Pilates class in which the instructor is a big swollen chubster? That's not a good way to sell my product.

Kev and I are having a difficult time accepting the reality of our situation. In ten weeks we could have our baby here. TEN WEEKS. Technically, she could arrive a couple of weeks sooner than that and still be healthy and perfect. That means I need so many little things in the next two months so I can stop having anxiety attacks.

At least Miss Maddie is enjoying my baby belly even if it's freaking me out a bit. She found it the perfect pillow while Kev and I caught up on 3 weeks of LOST (let's not even discuss how that series ended). Also, do you love how my blanket looks like a Snuggie? I'm hopeful Maddie will still find the baby useful when she's no longer incubating.


  1. 30 Weeks was when I started freaking out about having a baby. It seemed so close. Don't worry too much. You will get it all in place before she comes, thanks to the nesting that happens. I think you should get pictures taken before your pilates buddy comes. You look so cute pregnant.

  2. i'm making it legal! eat whenever! :) and if they complain say, "i'm sorry sir, are YOU growing a human being?! i think you can deal with a crunch or two". also, i read once about a girl making a run to 7-11 to get a huge 64 oz of ICE WATER to drink while pregnant. Odd, and I'm sure it was pretty cheap, but a good way to always have something cool to sip! i'm terrible at drinking, like, seriously terrible, and i might have to use this myself. :) for some reason, straws always trick me into drinking more. can't help you with the stomach room, though. babies are selfish. :)

    as for the sleeping, i'm so sorry. i hated that. i promise though, one day your baby will sleep through the night and you'll once again be able to as well. :)

    and i think you look just gorgeous!

  3. I can't believe you are already 30 weeks! SO COOL! Please have a shower so I can help you check something off the list of stuff you NEED! You look great my friend, keep 'er cookin!!

  4. I pay respectful homage to any pregnant woman who works. And to any mother who works.

    I could barely get out of bed without vomiting some days. I can't imagine even thinking about having to work on top of that.

  5. You are so cute. Looking good! And you are lucky you haven't got cankles yet. It wasn't fat, but it was sure horrible to feel the water sloshing around in my feet... ick. I do not miss that!

  6. I am so jealous you never were sick. I was sick for 22 weeks and now that I am 29 weeks it is starting to come back. And...your dog is adorable.


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