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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Front desk FAIL.

I do like the clinic I visit for my pre-natal appointments. I genuinely like my doctor and the technicians. Even the girl who sticks me with a needle and takes my blood is great.

The front desk girls, however, are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STORY.

Hi, I'm pregnant. If I wasn't, and if all these other ladies sitting around this waiting room weren't either, then you wouldn't have a job.

Every time I go I feel like I'm interrupting their all-important personal conversations with their co-workers. Every time I ask a question they look at me like I'm stupid. Like it's not their concern that I'm a patient who would like some service.

On Friday I asked the front desk if they know how I go about scheduling a tour with the hospital and/or attending birthing classes. I was told to look up the phone number for the hospital because front desk girl didn't have any contact information at the clinic. I had to reschedule my appointment from Friday afternoon to Wednesday morning because my doctor was delivering babies so I figured I'd just check in with him about the hospital information.

Turns out that today the super-amazing girl who makes me pee in a cup and who tests my blood pressure had a whole folder of information for me since I'm 31 weeks and need to think about registering with my hospital. It gave me phone numbers, dates, a registration form and a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope in which I can send my info to the hospital.

Front desk = fail. Pee-in-a-cup girl = pass.

Another example of the front desk putting me into early labor- I wanted to talk to a nurse on a day when I felt like my insides were attempting to get out. I was in a lot of discomfort so I stopped by the clinic on my way home early from work. When I reached the front desk, I asked if I could talk to either my doctor or to a nurse. The girl looked at me blankly and asked if I was even a patient.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not a patient. I'm just some crazy fat lady who came in and asked TO TALK TO MY DOCTOR about these abdominal pains I've been experiencing for four hours.

I'm relieved that the people who are actually involved in caring for my fetus care about me. It would just be nice if the people who are supposed to welcome me into the clinic would practice doing it a little better. I know I'm not the best at offering customer service, but at least I try. And I know I fail sometimes too, but seriously. I work in rentals, not babies. People who work in the baby business should be the nicest people ever so as not to taint a baby's arrival into this world.

I think it's pretty sad when the girl who stabs me with a needle is higher on my list of likeable people than the girl who does not stab me with a needle.


  1. i don't know why they can't get normal people to work the front desk of ob/gyn offices. my favorite comment was from the front desk lady, who upon seeing me at my 41 week appt (ugh!) said, "you haven't had that baby yet?!?!"

    seriously, lady? you want to go there?

  2. major FAIL!!

    i hate when people in that position are grumpy when they are suspose to be helpful. we had some front office ladies at my high school who were the exact same way. and it's like -- hello!! you are getting PAID to help me! this is your job. no one is making you do this. if you don't like it -- find another job!

    sorry the front desk ladies are such punks! but i'm glad to hear your nurses and doc are nice!


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