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Monday, June 28, 2010

My life is way more perfect than yours and I have a blog post to prove it.

Kristie and I were texting about how freakishly annoying some blogs get. And yet, we can't stop reading them. You know what I'm talking about- the blogs that show countless photographs of skinny, red-lipstick-wearing girls holding cupcakes in their palms 3 out of 5 days a week. Or the blogs that continuously publish sneak peaks of photoshoots involving over-edited, under-whelming set ups of naked babies wrapped in pearls and tulle. Or the blogs that just aren't real, period, but still make you wish your life didn't suck so much.

photo from Segullah writer's retreat

My point is that I aim to show more than just the good times here on my blog. If you've been reading for a while, you know that my husband is unemployed. You know that I've gained 30+ pounds since getting pregnant. You know that up until last week, I worked a fulltime day job plus taught Pilates/Yoga three times a week (and now I just work fulltime!). You know that I used to "suffer" from depression, but now I'm handling it appropriately. You know that I live in Ogden and it's ghetto but Kev and I love it.


I love my husband and want to express that here. Not only for you to be jealous of how perfect he is, but to serve as a personal reminder of why I am so lucky.

He pretty much does everything for me. I am much lazier now than I was five years ago before I met him. If the house/car/computer/yard/dog/I need something, I can count on him to address the problem. I don't even remember the last time I screwed in a lightbulb, let alone rewired an outlet for the house. I haven't mowed the lawn since 2008 when we bought the house. I haven't taken my car for an oil change... ever. Not to mention the fact that he bought our house and he bought my car.

Our Pink House would be a disaster if it weren't for him. He's painted, replanted the lawn, redone wiring, built closets from scratch, replaced all the plumbing, installed ceiling fans, built shelves, reorganized, rebuilt walls, ordered new windows... and did I mention that he's ridiculously good-looking too?

Bragging about my husband was pretty fun. Maybe next week I'll post photos of every perfect meal I eat (at adorable, perfect eateries) as well as the craft projects I make with Maddie after having a perfect day at my perfect job wearing my perfect anthropologie clothes.


  1. Word! There are lots of annoying blogs out there! And usually I roll my eyes when people gush about their husbands but today I smile. I smile because I know Kev is freaking awesome and you guys are very happy :) Plus- you're not a total fake cheeseball all the time so gush all you want. Thanks for taking care of Liv Kevin!!

  2. Hi, I'm Helena. And I identify with every part of this post.

    Except I haven't had a baby yet, and I've only gained 25 lbs since getting married last year. But don't worry, I'll probably hit 30 soon!

    I'm excited to read more of your posts. 'Real' is my favorite genre.

  3. OMG, I totally agree. You can just tell that some people post about stuff only to surreptitiously brag, and that is infuriating. I don't mind a little "my life is great" talk once in awhile, but write it because you're grateful, not because you have something to prove.

  4. nice post.....and are you holding a pile of crap in that picture?

  5. hahaha NO I would not make my friend hold a pile of crap. It's actually a pretty good cupcake. Ironically, the lunch was catered by a cupcake company when Kris and I attended Segullah's writer's retreat.

  6. haha word. cough...rockstar diaries...cough.

  7. I do enjoy reading blogs with real posts! I love reading your blog too.


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