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Friday, June 04, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXIV

Now that a lot of the remodeling is done on the house, it's time to take the decorating more seriously. I found wreaths for 50% off at JoAnne's recently and fell in love with these little pink blossoms. What better way to welcome someone to my Pink House than with pink blossoms on the front door? And for $10, I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I still had something with snowflakes hanging from the front door up until I bought this wreath. It's probably my fault it snowed in May this year.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I finally took the plunge and purchased a second couch for the living room. We've always had a 3-seater and some lounge chairs, but it just hasn't been enough. The lounge chairs are also slightly difficult for me to get out of now that I've gained 30 pregnancy pounds. So we had to upgrade.

I've wanted that tan IKEA couch for months now, and it's finally mine! The best part about purchasing it was watching Kev haul it into the house all by himself. He's so strong. I swooned.

I wouldn't have been able to purchase it if it weren't for Jess though. She met me at IKEA for lunch and helped me load the couch into the back of my Passport. Without her muscles I could not have maneuvered this little guy out of the store.

Another satisfying part of this purchase was the extensive vacuuming I was able to do when rearranging the furniture. There's something extremely rewarding about vacuuming baseboards with an attachment on the vacuum.

Now my little Pink House is ready to comfortably welcome a few more bottoms into its living room. Come on over!

See what the living room used to look like here.


  1. yayyy! new furniture is the best :] and i LOVE that wreath!

  2. looks so great!! love the door! and i live for vacuuming. :) so satisfying!!

  3. I'm pretty jealous of that wreath.

  4. Love the pink blossom wreath.


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