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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Week 31

I keep telling Kev I'd love for him to experience pregnancy. My most-common offer is to stuff my finger tips under his ribcage and push. Then he'll know how it feels when my Pilates buddy decides to stretch her limbs into my torso.

Isn't that so considerate of me?

I know my sleep deprivation is going to get immeasurably worse, but right now it's pretty bad. I don't know what it is that keeps me awake most nights, or that wakes me up for hours at a time. But I hate it. Monday night I'm pretty sure my insomnia was influenced by the amount of Mountain Dew I drank during the afternoon. That's a mistake I'm not going to make EVER AGAIN. It was one of the worst nights I can remember. Especially when at 4:30 am Maddie body slammed into my belly in her efforts to get comfortable. That moved my Pilates buddy INSIDE MY SPLEEN.

Good news is that my work replacement will be ready for training at the end of this month. That means if I can just hold on one more month I may have the option of working half-days more often than not at some point in July. It's contingent upon Kev's employment activity, but it's still a little something I might be able to hope for. It still sounds too good to be true, but just imagine how nice it would be if you didn't have to haul your fat, tired, grumpy, pregnant self out of bed and to a long workday in your ninth month of pregnancy. It's a thought that may keep me going for the month of June.

My younger brother has invited me and Kev to go with him and his wife to visit Yellowstone in July. Because I'm very into the idea of having one last adventure prior to my Pilates buddy's arrival, Kev and I agreed we'd love to go. I'm nervous about the drive, but as long as no one yells at me for peeing every couple of hours, we'll all be okay. Kev really wants me to have the baby in Yellowstone so that's another reason we're going. Yeah. I'm not as excited about that possibility as he is, but I'm still on board. Who wants to give birth in the back of a car in the woods? I mean seriously... we're not from Kentucky (I only say this because Kev and I love Justified with Timothy Olyphant and the show fits every stereotype of the South).

In other news I'm feeling huge and I get heartburn when doing the twists in my Pilates classes. I am SO GLAD I'll be done with Pilates in July. That's kind of a stupid thing to say because I could actually have this baby in July and have no choice to be done... but mostly I'm glad that there is a scheduled end date for my University class. I'm finding my focus is lacking lately for Pilates and my desk job. What I really want to do is allow myself to become absorbed in my own life for a little while and not be bothered with anyone else's problems besides my own. It's impossible for me to care less about someone's sprinkler system not being turned on yet (have you seen the amount of rain we've had lately?!) or to muster up any sympathy for someone who's paying rent late for the umpteenth time because their husband is laid off. Let me tell YOU something: my husband has not been gainfully employed since we found out we are having a baby. We have yet to miss a single mortgage/UTL/student loan/tithe payment during that time. There is always a way to make it work. Always.

What a tangent, eh? Sorry. Let's blame it on hormones or sleep deprivation or anything else that allows me not to be held responsible for my actions. It seems to be the norm these days.

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  1. Gotta love those last few weeks! I hope you will be able to do half days in July. And I really hope she doesn't make her appearance in Yellowstone! I can't imagine the park rangers being able to administer an epidural.


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