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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 32

Um, 8 months pregnant and change. Did you read that closely? I have concluded my 32nd week of pregnancy.

This is just going by too quickly. It's not that I want pregnancy to last forever, but I do want it to last long enough that Kev finds a job and I get the second bedroom cleared out.

Why do those two things seem so impossible? I don't understand why it's asking too much that Kev and I switch roles when it comes to careers. I also don't think it's asking too much that I don't break my neck walking through that stupid second bedroom.

If you can't tell, I'm a tad bit pissy this weekend. I dropped approximately 500 things on the floor today and had one heck of a time trying to bend my fat self over to retrieve said things. The last straw was when I choked on my pre-natal vitamin and coughed so hard that I peed my pants.

AND there was practically a tornado in Ogden today (still raging as I type) that prevented me from going outside to enjoy not being in an office for 8 hours. I'm starting to feel trapped in a cycle of bad weekend weather that's making me feel antsy. I'm desperate to have some sunshine.

But at least I haven't puked, right? And I still don't have cankles. And my acne cleared up. And there's only about 7 weeks left of peeing my pants without warning.


  1. Ooooooh, Liv. I feel so bad for your frustration, but must admit that it is entertaining to read about. (Not the job stuff, though.)

    As I have already explicitly explained, I too am infuriated by this unacceptable weather.

    How was Kevin's niece's birthday?

  2. i laugh everytime someone says they peed their pants. i think its funny, im sorry. i realllllly hope kev can get a job soon. i would probably be in panic mode, so i completely dont blame you for getting anxious about it. also, i ♥ you so if you need any help please let me know :] for realsies.

  3. I can totally relate to the peeing your pants. I'm glad you are not puking either! I did a couple times a day, and so it didn't take long for me to get a system down of stuffing a bunch of toilet paper in my underware before I would puke because I knew I would pee my pants as well! Sorry you had a rough day! Dang weather. For what it's worth, I think you look fabulous 8 months pregnant, I LOVED your blue dress today!

  4. Sorry to break it to you, but some things are just as bad as peeing your pants (or worse), and they all come after you push that lovely little child out. :)

    That said, I hope you're feeling better today. Hang in there. At least you get to be done weeks before I do.


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