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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week 34

I've been spending a lot of time sitting in the backyard of the Pink House after work. I like to put my lounge chair in the shade of the apple tree and just rest. I don't usually take a book out with me or the laptop. I just sit.

I spend so much of my time worrying about work, or Kev finding work, or cleaning the house, or just doing something. It's rewarding to spend an hour or so with Maddie in the shade and not lift a finger... unless I'm taking a sip of ice water or sharing a slice of watermelon with the dog.

Kev and I are just a few short weeks away from this Pilates buddy's arrival. I want to savor the time I have now with just our little family of three. And I want to savor the feeling of lazy summer days with the grass under my feet. I want to savor the feeling of Maddie cuddling against my huge stomach. I want to savor the feeling of not worrying about anything.

My moments in the backyard are giving me those opportunities.

They are especially useful after my pre-natal appointments. Kev and I went to my 34th week appt this week and I felt myself starting to hyperventilate as we waited for the doctor. I realized that this kid is coming. She's COMING OUT OF ME. It's going to be so much harder to take care of her when she's no longer in utero. She's going to be able to CRY. And POOP.

Kev advised me to stop thinking about it, but that was difficult considering I was naked from the waist down, sitting on an exam table with a tissue over my lap. What else was I supposed to think about? I told the dr that in 2 weeks when I come back I'm bringing a paper bag.

In the meantime, I'll continue to park my red lounge chair under the apple tree and feed Maddie watermelon and ice cubes and try not to think about having a baby.


  1. i got nervous before, too. but you'll do great, and soon you'll be sitting in the chair in the backyard, holding your cute little bundle and wondering how you got there. so excited for you!

  2. We all hit that point. Mine was when I went to the class at the hospital and saw the epidural needle. That was when I said in my head, "Um, can I change my mind about this. I don't want to have a baby." But, then I got the point where all I wanted was to have that baby out of me and so I didn't care what the needle looked like and I didn't care about any pain. I just wanted to not be huge and uncomfortable anymore. When I think back, it really wasn't so bad, the giving birth part, but then again, I had an epidural and the body releases a hormone to make you forget the trauma your body just went through.

  3. Dear Liv,

    You'll do great and it will be awesome. You can totally do it! I'm such a spaz and I think I do alright. I don't want to sound like everything is sooo perfect but I was surprised how little stress the baby has put on me in taking care of him. Its just fun hanging out with the babe and doing stuff. I use to think it would be unrealistic to be all like "OMG! My baby makes me so happy! I didn't know a little life could make me feel so much different!" I also thought it was cheesy. But it's true dude. Fo real. It amazing and you guys are going to rock it!

  4. PS- the actaul birth giving was the bomb shizzy. And I was scared to death of it. But I loved it and had fun! I did have an amazing epidural though haha ;) Get one! I actually am really excited to do that part again which is weird....


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