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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

9 months pregnant in Yellowstone isn't such a bad idea afterall.

My little brother and his wife wanted to take a trip to Yellowstone this summer... The only problem is making all of our insane schedules work. We barely see each other for a simple BBQ here and there, so it seemed kind of crazy to plan a trip together.

Regardless of the work/church/personal schedules, we did it. We found a weekend that we could all take time off and pile in the car for a roadtrip. Yea! We're awesome!

The only problem I faced was being 9 months pregnant and running the risk of having the baby somewhere in Idaho a couple of weeks early. Kev said he'd never forgive me if the baby was born in Idaho. We have issues.

Ok, but anyway. Yellowstone. SO FUN. Before this trip, I hadn't been since my early college years. I'd forgotten how majestic the park is.

The weather in Yellowstone was perfect during our stay. We had plenty of sun and plenty of wind and saw so many animals. We almost got eaten by a bison who decided to walk alongside our car.

Best part about the trip? Still liking my family after four days in the car together.


  1. i'm glad you all still like eachother :] looks like fun!!

  2. Thats great you were able to go to Yellowstone with everyones busy schedules. Sounds like you had fun too. Not too much longer until your little one arrives :)

  3. so glad you had fun! caleb's never been, and we might get to go in a few weeks. also, you're adorable. :) you don't look 9 mths pregnant!


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