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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I should start PENCILING things into my calendar because, obviously, nothing goes as planned.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. HAHAHAHA.

This week I was supposed to start working half-days in the office. Sunday night I felt a sense of freedom that was unfamiliar to me. It was directly related to knowing that when I got up Monday morning, I didn't have to get ready for work. I leisurely ate breakfast with Kev. I washed dishes. I walked the dog. I painted my nails. I dropped books in a donation bin at Smith's Grocery. It was heavenly.

But then I got to the office around 1pm. And stayed for 5.5 hours. Did you catch that? I worked an hour and a half past closing. It was like the Universe wanted to make up for the fact that I'd missed all the crazy from 9-1. Thanks Universe!

When I got home I had the energy to pour a bowl of cereal for dinner. Kev had already worked a full day for my boss and had gone straight to SLC to work freelance for a friend. I didn't have any pressure to make anything nutritious. I did manage to follow up the cereal with a serving of fresh raspberries though- in the cute little pyrex dish Kev got me last Christmas.

I reminded myself to stop being selfish and just take this transition one day at a time.

Then at 7am Tuesday my phone rang and my replacement told me she has the flu. After enduring the longest and most disgusting bloody nose known to man (thanks for your help Kev) I managed to get my big fat pregnant self into the office for an eight-hour day.

I know I still have 3 weeks until my "due" date, but I'm tired! I'm fat! My feet are killing me! I'm waddling! I'm grumpy! My hormones are off the charts! Isn't that reason enough to work part-time for the next 3 weeks?

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  1. That's sucks! I'm sorry you still have to be working full days. But on the up side, it will all be over soon (hopefully) and I can't wait to come visit, and by then see your cute baby! Good luck til then!


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