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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm dreaming in the evening, dreaming all through the night. And when I'm dreaming I know that it's alright.

Last night Aspen was released from NICU just before 9. It was equally terrifying and exciting. I mean... she'd been in the best hands possible since birth, and now she was expected to be in MY care in MY room. I only freaked out for a few minutes, telling Kev I had no idea what to do and that we had made a huge mistake having a baby and oh-my-gosh-did-she-just-sneeze-what-do-I-do? only happened once or twice before I calmed down.

Kev is great with Aspen. You may think he's zoned out watching Willy Wonka on the TV, but as soon as that baby coos, he's up and over at her bedside to talk to her and make sure she's swaddled comfortably. I can learn a thing or two from him about relaxing.

She had a successful night feeding that made me feel much better than her last feeding in NICU. I know there's a learning curve with breastfeeding and my night nurse was so helpful in building my confidence and helping me and Aspen learn how to work together. I'm so grateful it will get easier with practice (right?!). Get this- Kev slept at the Pink House last night and yet I survived the night. Now he'll be more rested to help me keep from freaking out tonight when Aspen comes home with us.

Aspen is amazing. I am in love with her and more in love with Kev as I watch him love Aspen. We're just a big bunch of mushy lovey people right now. I'm grateful for the adrenaline I've experienced (although I've been napping as much as I can) and that my recovery thus far has been manageable and the pain hasn't been overwhelming. I feel so blessed; so fortunate to be so healthy and to have a healthy daughter and an attentive husband who is already shaping up to be a great father (he's the burping master).

As I've said before, your prayers and interest in our growing family are appreciated. I know that we received a lot of assistance due to everyone's prayers on our behalf and it's probably part of the reason why I haven't been an emotional wreck this week. I couldn't have done this without divine intervention, that's for sure.


  1. yayyyyy!!!! you are awesome and you'll basically be the best mom ever. duh. good luck, dear. xoxo

  2. Awww. New babies are seriously one of the most amazing things, blessings ever. Terrifying, yes. But amazing. Just wait till you bring your sweetheart home. Congrats.

  3. I'm so glad she is out of the nicu!! You are already an amazing mom! I can't wait to meet this darling girl!

  4. That is wonderful that she is out of NICU. What a relief for you guys. I'm glad nursing is coming. Don't worry too much about nursing. It really does take time to get it down, especially with that first one. For something so "natural", you would think it would just come naturally, but it doesn't. Hang in there. It gets better. Oh, here is a tip for soreness from nursing. Air out for 15 min or so before you put on the Lansino and bra. It will help it heal so much faster. Take it from someone that has cracked and bled. Bag Balm is amazing too.

  5. Im so happy to hear Aspen is out of the NICU. It such an amazing thing to witness when your husband becomes a father. Glad nursing is getting better as well. hope you have a smooth transistion home.

  6. I am so glad she is out of the NICU! And I am glad you survived. It gives me hope :)

  7. What a beautiful addition to your family! Congratulations!


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