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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a sampling of the wildlife we witnessed in Yellowstone.

On our trip to Yellowstone over the 4th, we saw a lot of the animals the park has to offer. It was awesome! Jeshua is an avid animal lover, so it satisfied his interests. And when I say animal lover, I mean it. The kid used to read the North American dictionary of animals when he was 7.

We really missed having Seth with us, but we took lots of photos of prairie dogs for him. He wanted us to at least throw rocks at them, but we didn't want to get arrested.


Fortunately, we happened upon bear more than once. It was amazing to see the giant mama bears with cubs.

I can't neglect Rusty when discussing the park wildlife. He is the mascot for the Hillcrest Motel in Gardiner where we stayed for 2 of the 3 nights we were in Yellowstone. We coaxed him into our cabin and it's possible we fed him the tiniest amount of Chinese food scraps so he'd love us the most.

I am so glad we made this quick trip to the park. It was beautiful weather, we saw so many animals and enjoyed some good time in the car watching movies and arguing about whether or not the Foo Fighters are "screamers."

Good times.

If you haven't already shared your love story, check out yesterday's post and add it!


  1. If "screamers" means "awesome", then yes. The Foo Fighters are screamers.

  2. Those are two of the sweetest prairie dog photos I've ever seen. KUDOS to you!

  3. I cannot take credit for the photos in this post b/c Kev took them and he reads my blog.

    Good job Kev!

    Actually, some of the photos might be from my sister's facebook... either way, I stole them all!

  4. I think Rusty is pretty cool, then again I have two long haired doxies myself :) Im sure he liked the chinese food!

  5. aww i want that dog!!! i love all the animals! this week in the field we made friends with a mongoose. :]


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