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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

K Bar, not to be confused with a fine dining establishment.

Our first day in Yellowstone we made it to Old Faithful to catch the eruption of the geyser. We only waited about 20 minutes in the breezy afternoon weather to see what is something we couldn't overlook, no matter how touristy it is. Sure, it's somewhat anticlimactic to sit and watch this hole in the ground until it finally decides to sputter forth some water and steam, but everyone still had to see it (I've seen it before... but still...).

It's possible I was really just sticking around to enjoy the DELICIOUS soft-serve ice cream at the lodge, but it's not necessary to focus on that. Consider it a convenient coincidence.

We saw the beautiful rivers running throughout the park as well as the lower/upper falls and Tower Fall. It's amazing how much beauty one National Park can offer- and how diverse it all is.

Did I mention diversity? Oh yes. When we returned to Gardiner, we all agreed to stuff our faces with pizza. The recommendation we receievd was for the K Bar up the street from our motel. The above photo shows some of the fabulous decor, which was not limited to the Christmas lights covered in bullet shells.

It was most-definitely a risk to get a table in the K Bar since there was no service to be found. We eventually got the attention of what seemed to be the one and only server in the bar that night. A Friday night. A bar on a Friday night with only one server. Awesome.

When our pizza finally came, an extremely resentful stranger plopped it onto our table and walked away without giving us plates, napkins or refills on our drinks. K Bar is lucky the pizza was totally worth it. Not that we'd ever return. Especially after we watched our server going after a dog on the street outside the bar at one point during our meal.

Oh Montana! You're full of surprises!

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  1. You should be a professional restaurant reviewer. :)


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