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Monday, July 12, 2010

Note to Kev: Sophia does not weigh enough to belay you on a hillside.

Kev scouted out a spot in the park to do some climbing, which was his only request while we were on the trip. Thank goodness we were able to check it off the list. The location is near the Bunson walking trail on a collection of white rocks off the main drive and is apparently where a scraggly little fox likes to hang out.

On Kev's ascent, it was determined that Sophia does not in fact weigh enough to counteract the loss of Kev's footing while on belay. No harm done though and everyone enjoyed rappelling (except for me since I was deemed "too pregnant" to climb the rock face to get to the top) off the spot Kev picked.

Yes, we over-stayed our welcome and ended up scrambling to find a place still serving food at 10pm in Gardiner, MT, but that's all part of the road trip-family-vacation extravaganza. It wouldn't feel like a real family vacation if we didn't fight a little bit after a long day in the car.

Thank goodness for that Chinese place.

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