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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

On my blacklist:

Did you know that I have never had a pleasant experience trying to empty my bladder on a road trip while in Idaho?

Driving home from West Yellowstone on the 4th of July was no exception. There I was, 9 months pregnant, driving along in a car of full bladders toward Utah after a great trip. We'd been on the road a couple of hours and it's about time to switch drivers (Kev's butt was numb and he had a date to watch "Willow" in the backseat with Jeshua and Julia).

We finally see what we believe to be sweet relief- an Exxon gas station in Island Park. Hallelujah! We're saved!

Wrong. Sign on the door says bathroom is for patrons only. We didn't need gas, and we didn't want to buy something on Sunday if it wasn't absolutely necessary. We piled back into the car and squeezed our legs together.

Once again, we're driving along and see what we believe to be sweet relief- another Exxon gas station further in Island Park. Hallelujah! We're saved.

Wrong. Only the 9-months-pregnant bladder is made an exception to the rule and gets to pee in a nasty gas station bathroom. Everyone else piled back into the car and squeezed their legs together.

Feeling refreshed from my own personal triumph, I vowed to find a place for my family to pee. Behind the wheel, I sped through stupid Island Park and found a Chevron.

Everyone is free to pee at Chevron! Hallelujah!

I guess it's not bad enough that Exxon polluted Alaska with their huge oil spill. Now they've teamed up with Idaho to give people bladder infections by forcing them to hold it in on road trips unless they want to buy a stupid candy bar in exchange for guilt-free use of a toilet.

Remind me to tell you about the time I wasn't allowed to pee in Malad during a snowstorm.


  1. Maybe I've just driven through the "nice" parts of Idaho, but I actually look forward to pit stops in that state. They have the best public rest areas I've ever seen, all clean, new and almost park like.

  2. exxon is evil. I didn't even know that about their bathroom policy! looks like you had a great trip though! I'm glad you are able to get some time off work!

  3. Don't be dissin' on my state! You just stopped at the wrong places...that is all :) Just blame it on Exxon.


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