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Friday, July 02, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXVI

I think it was about 28 years ago when Kev and I bought some light fixtures for the Pink House. They've been sitting in the basement since then.

Last week, Kev started some serious electrical work in the Pink House and it involved installing said light fixtures where they belong. Kev is practically glowing (get it?!) with pride. When I came home from work and saw all the new electrical outlets he'd installed, I was amazed. I wanted to stick my fingers in all the sockets just to enjoy how well they work.

The dining room is another step closer to completion. Before the fixture install, we had a temporary light hanging from the ceiling and plugged in awkwardly across the room. There was also a torchiere lamp chilling in the corner for added light. It was ghetto to the max.

In the back of the PH, Kev installed two lights to replace the bare bulbs that used to hang grotesquely in the pantry area and over the cellar stairs. I love having these neutral fixtures there instead. It's like we're real grown ups now.

Next up should be a ceiling fan in the second bedroom (so the baby stops cooking after she's born) and a ceiling fan in the front room (so my parents don't suffocate when they come to visit).

Electricity is so freakin' awesome.


  1. Ahhh! Light! That is one thing we've defintiely come to apprecaite, so many of the old homes here in Cali don't have main light fixtures in the rooms! In both homes we've rented, we haven't had a light in our living room, and we don't have one in our bedroom right now! We make do with lamps, but it's always so dim. Way to go, Kev! I wish he could come do some here...

  2. I love the fixtures! Way to go Kev!

  3. ooh, purty! you and kev should do some kind of house renovation business. you could do interior design along with the renovation. the pink house could be your portfolio!

  4. -slow clap-

    My husband and I tried replacing a light fixture once. Two hours later, sweating and swearing, we ended up plugging the old one back in and vowing never to try something so stupid ever again. So, kudos to Kev!

    Although, what is with his "Free OJ" shirt?! :O

  5. My dear Kev has a "Bruce Lee is my Homeboy" shirt... and many other random screen print tees. I'm just glad he can match them to a toned-down pair of pants w/o my help.



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