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Friday, July 16, 2010

Phriday, Volume XXVII

It is truly gratifying to sit in a room in the Pink House and look at all that Kev and I have accomplished. When I mentioned that to Kev on Sunday he said he's still in the stage where he looks around and sees what else he still needs and wants to do.

Regardless of the discrepancies, it is amazing. Take, for example, the second bedroom. The mountains of boxes used to make me feel crazy. At one point, there was a portable dishwasher in the closet. I knocked over an amp last week in an attempt to open a dresser drawer and I had to walk out of the room before screaming.

Even though the room is not officially done, it has come a loooong way. I'm so proud of Kev and myself. I have organized all the baby clothes and blankets and emptied out the crib. No longer does it house all the things that had no where to go. There was a moment of discouragement when I realized the brand-new bumper pad doesn't fit, but I just packed it away with the bigger baby clothes and stored it in the basement. Problem solved!

And now, behold, the progress on the room that used to make me feel like a crazy person.

I still need to hang art, move out the computer, set up the bookshelf and move in the red chair, and line the curtains with blackout fabric... but the room as a whole is completely functional at this point. If my Pilates buddy needs to roll in early, she'll have clean clothes, diapers at the ready, and I'm sure Kev can easily put the bassinet together for her first night sleeping at home.

There is a sense of relief knowing that the essentials are ready. I may not be ready, but at least the room is.


  1. Way to go. It is really coming along. The closet looks so nice and organized. I wish mine looked like that.


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