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Friday, July 23, 2010

PHriday, Volume XXVIII

Some things are more important than having a baby. Say, for example, installing new windows. On Saturday Kev and I were supposed to attend a birthing class at the hospital. It was scheduled from 9am until 3pm.

We ditched it for a number of reasons. 1) my head cold, 2) I accidentally slept in, and 3) we had a lot of things to do around the house. I sure hope I don't fail the final exam as a result of skipping the class.

We put our Saturday to really good use though. Kev installed a brand-new window in our bedroom that looks fabulous. It functions so much better than the previous window, and I no longer fear I'm going to need a tetanus shot when I accidentally touch the window screen.

It was quite the process for Kev to remove the old window. There was a lot of caulking, nails, screws and overall obstacles. Not to mention he was pretty much on his own because I was busy moving the computer from the second bedroom to the front room. And I'm useless anyway when it comes to manual labor.

Thankfully, no one lost any eyes to shards of glass and Kev was able to get that clunker out of the house and onto the back patio.

We only have 6 more to install, and by "we" I mean Kev. I did help hold the new window in place while Kev shimmed it up real good. It was a very important role to fulfil since it prevented the new window from crashing to its death on the cement below.

If you are considering new windows in Northern Utah, let me know because my brother Seth is the one who hooked us up. He's with Tanner Glass and Hardware based out of Midvale and he'll take real good care of ya.

In addition to window installation, I also got the "guest room" ready for my sister. She's planning to stay with me and Kev for the first weekend our Pilates buddy is here so that she can offer assistance as I try not to spend all day weeping from the emotional brick wall I'm sure to run through after giving birth.

By "guest room" I really mean the weird space in the cellar where Kev stores all his rock climbing/camping/swimming/random stuff. But now there's my make-shift bed as well as the TV and DVD player that have allowed me to watch "Friends" while beating the heat in the upstairs of the Pink House. That's the whole point of stashing a guest in the basement; avoiding the 80 degree temps in the living room so as not to suffocate anyone who's kind enough to stop by. I think my parents will be sleeping in the garage since my stepdad is much too tall to safely navigate the hobbit cellar.

Bet you guys can't wait to get to Utah!

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