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Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharing time.

I think stories about couples meeting are so fun.

This month two co-workers shared their stories about meeting their future wives on blind dates. One actually went on the date with his future wife, while the other was on a date with a different girl and his friend was on the date with his future wife.

How did you meet your significant other?

I think you should share with me so I have fun things to read that will distract me from thinking about my Pilates buddy being here in a week. You can leave your story in the comments or you can email me if you'd like (livytay{at}gmail{dot}com). If enough people feel like sharing maybe I'll be able to put some of them up here for everyone to enjoy. Just let me know!


  1. The lunch room at Murray High School. It was oh-so-sexy.

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  3. So funny story...
    Jeff had just gotten home from his mission and I was at his neighbor's house. I was a senior in high school and good friends with Jeff's younger brother. Jeff was outside getting ready to do yard work with his dad and I looked out the window to check out the newly returned missionary/hottie...they were looking at the window the exact time I was checking him out. I was mortified and hit the floor as quickly as I could. Jeff's dad knew me and told him who I was. Jeff was kind of embarrassed that he was being checked out by random high school girls and was made fun of by his whole family for a bit about it.

    Flash forward about 2 years later. We are both going to BYU and Jeff is living with his younger brother (who was my good friend). I go to visit Matt (Jeff's brother) and there is Jeff at the apartment. He remembered me as the girl who checked him out through the window 2 years ago. I was embarrassed, he was flattered...and he thought I was a major hottie. The rest is history.

  4. Hey Liv!
    Hey would it be ok if I come and give you a lil somesin somesin for the baby girl on Saturday when I am up there? Text me and let me know your feelings!

    Anywhoozer. You were there for the most part with Scotty. His sister was my best friend all through high school, we were friends, he took me on my first date when I was 16. Kinda ignored him for 2.5 years and then all the sudden realized how much I really liked him. Blah blah blah and then we were married! Beautiful.

  5. Good 'ol Weber State student housing. Hooray for University Village (probably the ONLY good thing about WSU Housing was meeting Mike).
    Because we lived in the same building, Mike likes to tell people we lived together before we were married... so glad he decided to say that to my grandma.

  6. My husband I served in the same mission; we were in the same area for a number of months and he was my district leader. I admired him and thought he was a nice person, but I deifinitely didn't have romantic feelings for him. We came home around the same time; he went right back to BYU but I lived with parents for a few months. He started emailing me and calling me; I still thought we were friends. And then the day I got back to Provo he showed up at my apartment to help me move in and take me out to dinner.Turns out we had the same major and were in the same class spring term. We were engaged by the end of spring term :)

    We go to mission reunions together and people make fun of us. And now my children think you have to go on a mission in order to meet your future spouse.

  7. i'd like to say vince fell for me the first time he met me... love at first sight!!

    for me, it wasn't so instant! :) i was sort of dating someone else when i met vince. we were both in the institute choir at the U -- i was in the presidency and he was a new member. we met at our beginning of the year retreat.

    he was really sweet to me any time we saw each other -- he'd always say hi and ask how my day was going. and he seemed so geniunely interested in what i had to say. it was very cute and endearing. a few months later, when things ended with the other guy -- vince really kicked up the charm and soon after we started dating and became an "item" very quickly.

    and that's that! 8 months later we were engaged, and 15 months after we first met, we were married!

  8. We met working at the Browning Center on Weber Campus. Pretty romantic, eh? About a month after we met, we went on our first date, a year later our second, first kiss the next night, and said "I love you" a few days later. Then, we were married 3 months after that. We started out slow, but made up for it in the end.

  9. We both worked at the same movie theater. I was the candy girl, he was the ticket-taker. One night, during the movie on a slow shift, he was sitting on a bench reading a book and I was behind the candy stand doing homework. I looked up at him and said, "Are you going to sit over there by yourself all night, or are you going to come talk to me?" He looked at me, gave a labored (fake) sigh, closed his book and slowly walked over, as if it was really a sacrifice.

    We went on our first date that night - to Perkins for coffee. :)That was 10 years ago!


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