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Monday, July 26, 2010

She'll never stop being my baby, no matter how many human versions come along.

The other night I tossed the comforter into the pack 'n play at the end of the bed. It's simply too hot to have it on the bed, so I stuffed it out of the way. When Maddie got into bed with me, she decided she'd like to nest on it... so she crawled into the pack 'n play and made herself comfortable.

I'm not sure she's ready to give up her position as the baby, but hopefully she's adjust well. When Kev and I bring my Pilates buddy home, we'll bring home a delicious rawhide bone for Maddie so she'll be the happiest dog on the block. Maybe she won't even notice the new person taking up all of our time and attention.


  1. I dont blame her for curling up in the pack & play it looks really comfy! I hope she adjusts well with the baby.

  2. Liv! I'm so excited for you this week!
    Good luck pushing a human watermelon out of that belly. Be sure to post pics asap!


  3. I really love and admire your attitude about this. A lot of people mock pet owners for their loyalty and devotion to the dogs (or cats or ferrets or birds or whatever), but people like you need to take a stand and proudly proclaim that your dog is as important to you as any human.

    I've seen too many families get rid of pets because a baby came along, as if the pets were simply placeholders. Breaks my heart. Kudos to you and your growing family!

  4. If I have to give Maddie away because she can't adjust to the baby (i.e. is aggressive), I will die inside.

    I've already told Kev I'll drive across the country to give Maddie to my mom to ensure she'll have the best home ever for the rest of her life.

    But I'll still die inside b/c I love her so much!

  5. I want a dog. And my baby to be here. Jealous of you.


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