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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So glad I refilled my anti-depressants the day before giving birth.

I had an amazing experience bringing Aspen into this world. My only ailments were near-constant nausea and my own imagination. I tend to get carried away, if you haven't noticed.

My induction was scheduled for 7am on July 27th. I was up past midnight just feeling worried and scared. When Kev and Maddie finally snuggled into bed with me for us to enjoy one last night as a family of three, I only cried a few nervous tears before relaxing and focusing on one simple task- breathing in and out.

By 6am I was on the phone ensuring that a bed was available for me. I was beyond delighted when the charge nurse told me I could eat breakfast. Woo! Best news of the morning. Kev and I got all ready and only had to return to the house once to pick up my cell phone before we were officially on our way to become parents.

I was all checked in by 8am and the pitocin drip was started. Contractions were blissfully mild whereas the nausea was all-consuming. I had a great support though in Kev and my day nurse. The staff was exceptional and Kev was so attentive and helpful. I'm so glad that once I got the epidural we were both able to nap and relax for a few hours.

I hate to say it for fear of jinxing my recovery or future experiences with labor, but it was painless and... easy. My epidural was phenomenal. My nurse was phenomenal. Kev was phenomenal. My abs were phenomenal! Thank you Pilates for helping me pop Aspen out after only 45 minutes of pushing through contractions. Things were going so well so quickly that we actually had to skip over a few contractions in order to give my dr time to arrive.

When Aspen was placed on my stomach I didn't know what to do with her. I just cradled her head and her bum in my hands and stared at her while the dr dealt with the final stages of my labor. She didn't cry right away, and that worried me. Kev snipped Aspen's umbilical cord and she was moved to a prep station to get cleaned up. She was so purple. So purple for so long. She barely made a sound.

Her lungs had taken in a lot of fluid right before her grand entrance into the world. Kev didn't even get to hold her. I had to ask to hold her before she was removed to the NICU for testing. I'm so glad I did because I hadn't even looked in her face yet.

Five long hours after her admission to NICU we were able to see her again. Thankfully Seth came and visited in the mean time and (brought a Frosty!) got us talking and helped keep my mind off my worries. The on-call pediatrician informed us that Aspen was doing well, but was to be kept for observation overnight.

When we visited Aspen it was hard to see her hooked up to so many tiny tubes. But I know they're taking great care of her and that she's more comfortable with the oxygen.

As of this morning I have yet to see her; it was hard to resist visiting her throughout the night, but I know I'm going to be of more use to her "rested" than not. I have to take care of a few things this morning (yay for breast pumping!) but then I plan to sit in NICU and stare at my daughter for a little while.

Thanks again for all your prayers. I know they helped me sleep between interruptions last night so I don't feel like a zombie today. I also know they'll continue to help Aspen as she tries to get over her traumatic entrance into life.

As long as she's in NICU she can't meet anyone, but once Kev and I are home at the Pink House I'd love to have visitors! We're hopeful we'll be able to leave on schedule and take Aspen home this weekend. Please continue to offer prayers on our behalf.


  1. Congratulations parents! I'm glad you are doing so well Liv, & hopefully little Aspen won't have to spend much more time in the NICU. I told Krista that you & Kevin were having a baby & she said, "I wanna go see em". So just let us know when you're home & ready for us!

  2. Congrats Livia! She is beautiful!

  3. Im glad you L&D went so well! Im sorry you were feeling nauseated that doesnt sound fun at all. Glad you were finally able to hold her Im sure those were 5 long hours. We'd love to come visit. I'll text you when we get back from vacation. And I hope my sis in law takes good care of you ;)

  4. Wow, what an experience. Beckett had to go to NICU, but not for very long. I'm sorry you guys have to go through that. I hope she gets better soon so you guys can hold her nonstop. We will make sure we pray for your cute new family. Let us know if you need anything.

  5. I was so excited to read this I had to come home for lunch. HAFB doesn't allow blog website usage. LAME! She looks great! Congrats!

  6. Congrats! She's a beauty! I hope she's out of NICU soon.

  7. Congrats. I'm glad you finally have another little girl. You'll be a great mother.

  8. Hoooray! I'm so glad the delivery went well! see? Epidurals=glory.

    Little Aspen (adorable name by the way!) will for sure be kept in our prayers. You guys are going to be amazing parents!!

  9. seriously? 45 minutes!? you are wonder woman!! i need to start doing pilates now if it will help me later whenever we decide to get a little baby. wowee! good job :]

  10. She seriously is so adorable! Aaahh I just love looking at those pictures.


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