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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Week 35

Morning nausea has returned. An inability to breathe has settled into my daily life. My nose is constantly stuffy. My feet are officially swelling. My hips are starting to hurt and sitting cross legged now makes my legs fall asleep.

It must be getting close to that time.


I was practicing some Pilates at home earlier this week and I decided I definitely stopped teaching at just the right time. Being on my back is extremely uncomfortable at this point, so I'm grateful I'm not attempting to demonstrate postures anymore. Plus, inadvertently expelling air from my lungs with an "ooooomph" is not very attractive in public. I have no control over my body anymore!

It's a relief having my replacement at work as of this week. She has lots of experience in the field of property management and is catching on so quickly. Knowing she'll be at the wheel makes me feel less guilty about leaving. She doesn't seem nearly as scared as I was when I was being trained to take over for Lesley last fall (before she had her baby... I'm noticing a trend here). Although Kev's job situation is still uncertain, I can't keep myself from looking forward to taking a leave of absence from my job. It seems so crazy to just say, hey see you later! But I have no choice. I can barely make myself get up and go to work as it is... once this little baby gets here I don't see myself having any more motivation to leave the house than I do now.

Something will work out, right? It just has to. Unless Kev plans to learn how to breastfeed. I can barely comprehend how I've made it this far. Work is so exhausting and I feel like there is so much I should be doing at home to get things ready... like clear out that insufferable second bedroom.

Perhaps the goal for next week will be to forbid myself to worry about that bedroom. Instead I'll focus on little things I can accomplish after work. Things that don't involve bending over, deep breathing, excessive twisting or picking things up and carrying them places.

Any ideas what those things might be?

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