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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 37

Did you know that at my appointment last week I was already dilated 2cm? That's when I looked at my dr and told him I definitely need to buy bottles. Thank goodness they're cheap at Winco.

I'm also extremely grateful that the cellar is a cool refuge in the heat of summer. Maddie and I slept on a make-shift mattress last weekend because the stillness upstairs was simply too much for me to handle. Once you get over the faint smell of poop/old cat urine/musty underground, it's not too bad down there. It also helps that I'm short enough to stand without breaking open my head on the floor joists.

Other things to be grateful for this week include the updates on the second bedroom (did you see yesterday's post? Go now!), the delivery of the new windows (thank you, tax return!), fresh raspberries from my mother-in-law's yard, walks with Maddie and so much more.

My appointments are weekly now, and I look forward to hearing that things are still progressing well. Mostly, I'm relived that my Pilates buddy has been head down for quite some time, and doesn't seem to be interested in going breech at the last minute. Phew.

This week the dr noted my desperation to be done working full-time as soon as possible and we actually set my induction date. I was like, dude, I love you. He even offered to write me a note for work. So there I was, scheduling my Pilates buddy's birthday without even talking to Kev about it first. All I know is that if I sit around waiting for her to come all on her own, I'm going to have to keep going into the office right up until something actually happens. I'm too impatient and grumpy for that.

That doesn't mean I'm not scared out of my mind though.

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  1. What an exciting post! Thats awesome your already dilated to a 2. When I was 36 weeks my cervix was up too high for her to check I was pretty bummed especially since I walked SO much I figured I had to be dilated to something..thats exciting you have an induction date too.


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