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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week 38

If all goes as planned, this is my last weekend being pregnant. I'm going to pee my pants I'm so scared.

How did the last nine months go by so quickly? Was it the intense summer heat that made time float by? Was it the lack of sleep? Was it the frustration at not being able to fit into my high heels for the last month that made everything whiz by? Maybe it was the constant peeing.

Oh wait. No. Those are things that has made being pregnant feel like a huge mistake.

Thankfully it'll all be worth it once my Pilates buddy is here and smiling and cooing and wrapping Kev around her teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy littlest of fingers.

It's a little difficult to get this concept clear in my mind; this child is going to be outside of me in just a few days. Like, here in my arms instead of my belly. And she's going to require a lot more attention and energy than she has in the last nine months. I'm supposed to attach her to my boob and feed her and then clean up all the projective fluids that come out of her. I'm supposed to make sure she sleeps a lot and has a clean diaper and that the dog isn't licking her face non-stop.

All the while, Kev will be at work. So it'll be me. Me and the baby. At home. All alone. Fending for ourselves.


Thankfully, my sister has offered to come up to the Pink House (hence the "guest room" preparations) if I'd like her to be here the first weekend we're all home as a new family. Just knowing someone else will be in the mix makes me feel better. And Kristie has graciously offered to spend a day with me as well so I can take an uninterrupted shower at some point after Kev goes back to work. I know we'll be in good hands.

Plus, nurturing comes naturally, right? Perhaps it'll come as naturally as hanging this Pink Floyd album cover, or making the pompoms to hang over the crib. That was pretty easy.

Well. Here's to full-term pregnancy! I have been blessed to experience it, and hope to be blessed as I take the final plunge. Send prayers and well-wishes to our little Pink House next week and I know we'll be alright.

Thanks for letting me share this with all of you; hopefully you understand that I truly am grateful for this opportunity to bring a new person into the world. Into the little Pink House with the dog who suffers from little-man syndrome and the husband who can fix anything. Let's hope he can fix his daughter's broken heart when she's 16 and that boy at school doesn't ask her out.

(Who am I kidding? Kev's job as dad is going to be WAY harder than my job as mom. Sucker!)


  1. liv, it's gorgeous! i love that room!

    i can't wait to meet her. you'll be a fantastic mommy. it's all a little surreal, but you'll love it.

  2. We are so excited for you & cant wait to meet her! You will have to text me when she arrives. Best of luck with your labor & delivery.

  3. We will definitely being praying for you guys. How exciting! Don't worry, you will be able to get a good shower in during this first part. It is later that it gets harder. A little something to look forward to.

  4. I am so excited for you! I do have a little gift for you so I will have to stop by sometime when she is here! You will be a wonderful mom.

  5. I would also love to come over and spend some time with you~ though I doubt you'll need much extra help -you are one of the most capable people I know. You and Kev are going to be fantastic parents. And I'm sure your baby is going to make me hungry for another (even though my one year old is STILL a baby!) Ahhh the nerves, I am so excited for you and yes, I'll be praying!

  6. Let me know if I can help! I'll come over, clean, whatever you need.

  7. I love those pom poms! They are adorable!


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