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Monday, July 19, 2010

Will someone please tell Maddie she only weighs 24 pounds?

Mike and Nikki told me about the Ogden dog park, and the very next day Kev and I took Maddie.

She spent the first few minutes scoping out the terrain. She ignored the other dogs and people until she'd satisfied her curiousity regarding the wooded area on one side of the park.

She continued to ignore the dogs until a large puppy arrived on the scene. That was when she realized she could totally boss someone around.

That's my girl!

It was awesome seeing her warm up to all the other dogs and also getting friendly with the people sitting in the shade enjoying the beautiful evening.

Things got really fiesty when this horse got too close for comfort- Maddie decided she needed to bark at it let it know who's boss.

What is wrong with her? She either picks on puppies or dogs/animals way bigger than herself. She has some sort of little-man syndrome. Overall though, she was perfectly behaved and I couldn't have been more impressed with her. The dog park is a place I hope to frequent each week with Maddie so she can socialize with other dogs and get plenty of outside time (other than in her own yard at the PH).

I just hope she warms up to the horse.

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