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Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby's first major video conference.

On Monday night, Aspen had a video chat with her family members in Maine. It was her second time using Skype, but the first time doesn't really count because she was asleep.

The reason this Skype session was monumental is because she was "introduced" to her great-grandpa, after whom she is named (what? I can do that!). My grandfather's Italian surname is Senese, which is my middle name, which is now Aspen's middle name. My grandfather didn't have any boys, so it's nice to carry on his family name via a bunch of girls.

Anyway, Aspen was mostly awake for the Skype session and I just aimed the camera at her face almost the entire time Kev and I chatted with my family. They already know what I look like, so who cares? It was fun to see grandpa watching that little baby and marveling at how we've given him yet another generation of family to enjoy. We teased him that hopefully Aspen can actually pronounce her name when she grows up or she may not forgive us for giving her a non-lisp-friendly monikur.

I'm hopeful Aspen will get to meet her great-grandpa, even if that means I have to fly to Maine with an infant (yikes). Until then, Skype will work just fine.

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  1. Thats really cool about the family name & keeping the tradition. I've used skype a few times, its great!


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