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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Because her maternal grandparents live so far away.

The evening started out well. We all piled on the bed for scripture study and prayers. The soft lighting in these photos is what the feeling of being home should look like. Does that make sense? It's just so cozy and relaxed.

Binky kept Aspen occupied so Kev and I could wind down and get ready for bed. We were so looking forward to a couple of hours of sleep.

Those of you who have experienced newborns know how naive Kev and I were to hope for that sleep.

Kev and I both took turns sleeping in the armchair in the nursery so the other could catch a snooze in our room.

This is how Kev found me Saturday morning- passed out with my Miss Maddie while Aspen slept in her crib.

I'm so glad we found that chair at D.I. It has been AWESOME.

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  1. i'm glad too. otherwise this might be a picture of you lying on the floor. which i wouldn't like.


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