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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oh, the places you'll go.

When Aspen was screaming bloody murder in my arms the other night (while trying to breastfeed) I truly believed I couldn't do it. I lost faith that things would ever get better. How could it when I felt physically incapable of fulfilling a basic need of this daughter of mine?

That's when Kev swooped in and fixed everything. We put some expressed milk in a bottle and filled Aspen's tummy right up. And despite my fears that she'll learn to prefer a bottle forever, she successfully fed without one two more times that night.

One moment at a time, I will get this mom thing down. And when I'm not able to step up and fix a problem myself, that's when I remember I have Kev. And all my friends who have children of their own. And my siblings who are great listeners. And my mom, who didn't know anything about babies but managed to raise four of them anyway.


  1. I hope it gets better. For the short while I breast fed it was really hard & I felt the same way about not being able to provide Bailee with something to eat even though the nurses, charge nurse, lactation specialist & Shad all said she was getting something.

  2. I hope the breast-feeding is going a little better. It does get easier, but that first little while really sucks. I had so much trouble with Sydney that I finally logged into La Leche League for support, plus I had help from my other mommy friends.


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