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Friday, August 06, 2010

Having a newborn is hard.

All I want to do today is "catch up" on sleep. Penny spoiled me and Kev with a few nights of good sleeping patterns. We were able to recover from the hospital and function with the two-hour cycle she was on during the night. I'm pretty sure she even slipped in a couple of four-hour stints too.

Then came the last couple of nights. Lots of tears, from her as well as me. She just wants to eat every hour, and I refuse to let that become the routine. So we walk. We bounce. We sleep together in her nursing chair. We use the binky. We use the swing. And I'm tired.

I love this little girl, but I'm tired. So tired that one night I slept on the kitchen floor on a pile of blankets because being in the swing was the only thing that calmed her down. That was a sign I needed to buy a baby monitor.

This weekend the phone is going off. Actually, starting right now the phone is going off. I'm going to lock the doors and sleep every break I can. Otherwise I'm not going to be a nice person.

To those who have visited and called and sent along gifts, meals and the like, THANK YOU. But for this weekend, I'm just going to stay home and ignore everything.

No offense.


  1. Don't worry, I slept on the floor the first six months of Jordann's life because she slept so much better in her swing! You take sleep when you get it! Just remeber it doesn't last forever and if you persistant your baby will be a good sleeper for most of her life!

  2. wyatt did that for a bit until my milk came in. it passes! i promise!

    good call on the phone. and the sleeping. no one will be offended. :)

  3. Oh Liv, newborns are hard! I remember the first days after Selma all too well. After the first night and a half hour of sleep, I had to sleep in another room because I was not getting any sleep and was going crazy.

    We found that Selma's bouncer was something that really helped us all get some sleep. It had a vibrate feature that would calm her right down so I would strap her in, put the bouncer in her room and flip on the vibrate. If it turned off and she woke up, I would hurry and flip it back on and she would go right back to sleep. It at least gave me a few hours at a time :) Good luck girl! We'll be thinking of you!

  4. I don't blame you for wanting some peace. It is such a HUGE adjustment having a newborn, it's like your life as you knew it before doesn't exist anymore, because everything revolves around this new little person. And I know you have probably heard this already but breastfeeding takes a while (about a month for me each time) to not suck. (ha ha, sorry for the pun) I promise it will get better!! Good luck, I hope you get some rest!

  5. I hope you get some much needed rest. Having a newborn is hard! Every single thing about it is hard.

  6. It is really hard at first, but you can do it! I know that is probably not the most encouraging, but I pormise it gets better, and just think the more you eed the better your supply will be. It takes about 6 weeks for them to actully get into a routine, so don't worry about it becoming one. Email me if you ever want to chat, The lack of sleep will make you crazy, I can come hold your baby if you need a nap! :) This comment is super long, sorry.


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