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Monday, August 30, 2010

I see skies of blue, clouds of white.

On the 21st, Kev's mom got married at the Ogden River Parkway, which is one of my favorite places in O-town.

It was a beautiful, albeit sweltering, summer day.

John and Linda were married in the gazebo to the tune of a feisty Quincenaera in the neighboring pavilion (got to LOVE Ogden!).

Aspen was captivated, naturally. The wedding was a wonderful opportunity for her to meet more Taylor Aunties and Uncles. Mindy (Kev's sister-in-law) proved to be a natural when it came to baby-soothing. And I'm extremely jealous that she didn't even break a sweat in the heat. I suppose being from Texas gives one a high threshold for sunshine.

Most of the Taylor clan was in attendance for the big day- I think the only immediate family member unable to attend was Kev's brother Mark who is serving overseas (he's married to Mindy).

Tiffany and Julie did a wonderful job making the place look beautiful for the wedding and the reception. Many thanks to all who came and made it a lovely evening for John and Linda. Now they get to retire in New Mexico! Lucky.

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