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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It could be so much worse.

When I tell my mom about the hard times with Aspen, she always makes me laugh by telling me stories about myself when I was an infant.

Actually, I think "infant" is the wrong term; "spawn of Satan" might be more accurate.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was extremely nervous that I would have a hellion like myself for a baby. Allow me to elaborate.

My mom was approached by a nurse after my birth who informed her that in her 25 years of nursing, she'd never seen a child like that. Meaning... a child who was so wretched. To my mom, it appeared that I had something important to say but no one could understand and that pissed me off.

Additionally, I was successfully formula-fed for a few months before I refused to let anyone hold me. My mom said it was pretty tricky and strange to get me to eat since I had to be left alone with my bottle to stop the screaming. She said I'd contort myself into positions that would allow me to prop my bottle and eat without anyone's help. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for my mom. What kind of baby insists on feeding herself at 3 months?!

A bad baby, that's the kind.

When my younger brother was born a couple of years later, I assumed the role as his mother. I felt that my mom had left her baby at the hospital and that he was mine. When she burped him, I would get mad and tell her "YOU'RE BOPPING THE JUICES OUTTA HIM!"

That's one story I actually like and I find myself saying it to Kev every time he burps Aspen. I'm glad my mom remembers all these stories about me, even if most of them are pretty horrible. I'm surprised she kept me, and even more surprised that she dared to have TWO MORE KIDS after me. What if they'd been just as awful? Thankfully, it seems like God was rewarding her for putting up with me because she got two pretty awesome babies to make up for it.

My mom flies into Utah today and I'm pretty excited for her to meet the first grandchild. Also, I'm excited for her to help me make a ton of food to load up my freezers so I don't have to fret about what to make for dinner when I've spent the whole day wiping Aspen's butt and have forgotten all about food.

Yea for moms!


  1. hahahaha you're bopping the juices outta him!! thats awesome. i love gail :] have fun! and tell her hellow from me, too!

  2. Hopefully with your Mom in town you will also get some uninterrupted sleep!


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