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Friday, August 20, 2010

Leveling the playing field.

If we were keeping track of "breastfeeding" vs "Livia," you'd see a very uneven score. For example, let's say over the past three weeks Aspen and I have averaged 9 feedings a day. That would mean breastfeeding has 189 points, and I have ZERO.

However, on Monday I'd had enough crying- from both Aspen and myself. Kev had continually encouraged me to talk to the lactation department again and to ask more friends for advice and all that awesome, helpful husband stuff (he really is amazing). While I was at my office I decided to zip across the street to the hospital and see the boob people.

I love the boob people. I don't know why I waited so long to visit them again. Perhaps it's because the initial interaction I had with them wasn't the best, and then there was the time I called them and didn't hear back for almost 24 hours. By that time my kid could have starved to death!

Regardless, I'm glad I sought help from professionals. Kris proved to be an immense help simply because she observed me and Aspen and proclaimed that I'm doing everything right. TAKE THAT BREASTFEEDING! I scored a whole point! Kris also confirmed that Aspen's weight gain is substantial- she had gained 5 ounces since her visit to the pediatrician last week. Way to go tubbo!

From my session with Kris, it was determined that Aspen is just a gassy baby who puts up a huge fuss when she's stewing a poop and that, unfortunately, usually happens when I wake her up for a feeding. Thus, she screams and squirms and fusses not because she's having trouble eating, but because she's having trouble pooping. Maybe I should let her have one of my stool softeners. Or use the gas drops I bought. Either way...

It's such a relief to know I'm not doing anything wrong. It's a matter of timing. I just need to give her a newspaper and let her do her business before attempting to nurse and we should be fine. Now I can stop worrying about my malnourished baby and instead focus on shaping my eyebrows or folding laundry or figuring out how to work the printer.

Praises to the boob people. I should bring them milkshakes or something (ha , get it?).


  1. we gave wy the mylecon (sp? it's been so long!) after each feeding for the first month or so. their digestive systems are really just getting used to the new diet! my pediatrician told me it was totally safe to do so, and it REALLY helped with the gas. also, bicyling peddling, for aspen, not you. :) or i found rolling wy's legs around in a circle, getting his legs all the way up to his head (they're so flexible!) worked the best for us. really forces that gas out, fun for the whole family! :)

  2. Katie Holmes SeamonsFriday, August 20, 2010

    Hey Liv- Anderson also had problems with going to the bathroom for the first 6 weeks or so of life. We tried the gas drops, and they did seem to help. But the thing that helped the most was his bouncy chair. We bought one that vibrated and it really seemed to help him "work it out" so to speak. Might be worth a shot! Glad things are going better and good luck!

  3. It is so nice to hear from someone else that you are not doing anything wrong, that it is not you, sometimes as a mom we beat ourselves up to much, even though you might have thought it wasn't you this whole time it is nice to hear someone else tell you (someone that's an expert, not just a regular old Joe) anyhow I hope that maybe now you can find ways to help her with her gassiness and all will calm down at the pink house :)

  4. Sorry I dont have much advise on breast feeding. But I had a lot of people helping me & making sure Bailee was really getting something. Im pretty sure the lactation specialist came in both days we were at the hospital, I asked the nurses & even had them get the charge nurse to make sure she was getting anything & she latched on ok because I wasnt convinced at all. When we got home from the hospital I still was really unsure so we called the lactatoin specialist a lot & Shad found a local number if you want I can see if he can find it. The lady was so awesome, its like some free program or group of ladies I should say that are really knowledagble about breast feeding I ended up calling her asking her all my questions she lives in Uintah & said she could even stop by our house or we could go to hers to take a look & make sure the feeding was successful.

    It sounds like things are going much better now that you went to see the lactation specialist & thats great about her weight gain. The gas drops are wonderful the few times we've had to use them on Bailee. They work really quick & you probably already know this bicycle legs help with gas.

  5. My number one piece of advice I can give to any parent is "BOUNCY BALL"! We had a really sick baby who cried ALL the time, day and night. I ended up in the ER because of uncontrolled postpartum depression and the crisis worker gave me this advice: Sit on an exercise ball, cradle your baby in your arms and bouncy up and down. This movement is like the movement they felt while in the womb. So we tried it. IT WORKED!!! Though we did live on the ball, but hey I got a good workout and my baby wasn't crying!


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