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Monday, August 09, 2010

Once upon a time, I didn't blog about my baby.

Dude, once Aspen was born, I kind of forgot what I used to do all day. Now my life is all about making it through a few hours before feeding the little hippo again. I do have a goal to write at least one non-baby post a week, but I'm not sure when that's going to start... Sorry!

But while we're talking about Aspen, let me share a little something.

Breastfeeding sucked a lot at first. Like, I would bawl and my nose would run and Kev would look helplessly at me as I had a breakdown he didn't know how to fix. He'd just sit on the ottoman rubbing my ankles, telling me there's absolutely nothing wrong with feeding Aspen from a bottle if that's what works best for us.

Through it all though, I persevered. I know that eventually I'll store up my own supply of milk for Aspen and we'll feed her from a bottle, but for now I feel like feeding straight from the source is the most efficient for us.

To get through the initial sting of feeding, I've learned that butterscotch candies do a good job giving me something to bite on when I would otherwise scream out in pain. Also, it is helpful to kick one's foot against an ottoman whilst the wee one latches on. There's also the technique of squinting one's eyes tightly shut while lightly tapping one's fist against one's head.

All of these distractions help me get through that initial pain when Aspen begins a feeding. And now I can kind of enjoy it! Look, here's proof:

No one is crying in this photo. It's a miracle! Breastfeeding does get better! Sure, it may take a couple of sore boobs and a tube of Lanolin to get to that point of "better," but it happens. I'm not yet to the point where I enjoy the feedings, but at least I'm no longer crying, and neither is Aspen.

I do have to admit, even though it was frustrating, I found it incredibly cute when Aspen would get so discouraged about feedings that she'd snort. There's humor to be had when mom feels like a cow and baby acts like a pig. We're just a bunch of farm animals over here at the Pink House!


  1. I love reading all your posts about Aspen :) I posted last month I think on the dogs to give them a turn (even though it was about their yearly visit to the vet, not so fun for them) Since we had Bailee I have more posts than ever before & they are always usually about Bailee but its my blog & people dont have to read it if they dont want to is how I feel.

    It always makes me feel a little better to read & hear how hard breast feeding is & it wasnt just me, even though I only lasted a week. It was a wonderful bonding experience & I enjoyed it so much more than I thought although it was hard, hurt really bad etc. you are doing great & Im sure with time it will get easier & not hurt as much.

  2. I would scrunch and un-scrunch my toes as fast as I could to get through that sting. Whew. I can imagine it now, and it still takes my breath away.

    I'm glad you're doing better, and I hope it's only up from here! Just know that if you cry a few more times over the pain before it gets better, you're in good company.

  3. I love you Livia! You are so awesome! When I had my second baby I figured my boobs were already primed from my last baby. Not so. Sadly I had to go through the pain again. And whenever the baby would latch on I would tell Ryan, "Grab my foot! Grab my foot! Grab my foot!" The tighter he squeezed my foot the faster the initial pain seemed to leave. So hang in there, I can't believe how much us girls have to go through!

  4. haha. i've heard mona snort. its a riot. i hope things in the boob department get better for you. i was going to say "start looking up" but then i thought maybe that would be inappropriate...


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