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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Row, row, row your boat.

My younger siblings recently vacationed in Maine and had all sorts of fun without me. They ate insane amounts of ice cream and enjoyed time at Range Pond in the rowboat.

Don't you wish you'd been there? I sure do. If I've ever needed a vacation, now is definitely the time. The weather was apparently perfect in Maine and my family had a blast.
I hope next summer Kev and I can make a trip east to visit my parents and grandpa. When I went last summer it was perfection. Plus, I think it'd be awesome to have Christmas in the summer so we don't have to trudge through mountains of snow and freeze our tushies off the whole time. It's definitely more fun to shop the outlets in warm weather than during a snowstorm.

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  1. i saw these pictures on sophia's facebook and i was SO JEALOUS! i love range pond. and maine. ::sigh::


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