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Thursday, August 05, 2010

What happens when your dog goes missing and you have a baby attached to your chest?

Well, you send Kev to the backyard to find said dog while you continue to nurse the aforementioned baby and hope that all goes well.

Apparently Miss Maddie decided there was something amazing in our neighbor's yard and she dug a hole under the fence. Maybe not a big deal except for the fact that she wasn't wearing her collar at the time she made a break for it.


Thankfully, when Kev stepped through the gate to start looking for her he spied her in the neighbor's yard right away. Instead of coming when called, Kev watched Maddie army crawl back through her hole into our yard. You better believe he ushered her right down the stairs and into her kennel after that.

The poor guy, who had already worked a 10-hour day, strapped on his headlamp and proceeded to fill Maddie's hole and line the fence with bricks to prevent another escape.

I'll tell you what- when Kev told me that Maddie had escaped (BEFORE telling me she was safely in the cellar again) I thought I was going to bruise Aspen in the face because my heart literally jumped through my chest and almost hit the poor kid.

I never could have forgiven myself if Maddie had gone missing because I'm the one who let her roam all day without her collar on. Usually when she goes missing she's just sleeping in Kev's closet. I'd much rather find her there next time.

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