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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 simple goals

This is an idea I took note of via Jess' blog mid-August. I've been mulling over what my 4 simple goals (before the close of 2010) will be because the point is not to set oneself up for failure. The first one that keeps coming to mind is probably the most important: don't be afraid to ask others for help.

The Lotus flower symbolizes one's ability to rise above challenges.

That is such a simple thing I can do to make my life easier. It only takes one phone call, one text message, one email or even just a Facebook update for me to ask someone for help. What I need to do is get over the fear of asking for help and my worry that I'll inconvenience someone else.

A second goal to accomplish is to read more new books.

I have a tendency to just reread books I already own, or to be lazy and only check out easy reads by authors I know I like. Having an English degree should mean that I try harder to read good books! That's what my degree was about- reading and writing about all sorts of genres and styles of literature.

My third simple goal is to love my post-baby body.

Thankfully, I only have a lingering 10 pounds or so with a need for toning throughout my body. I feel pretty good about it, but I let myself get upset when I discover a pre-baby pair of pants that still doesn't fit. So, I will continue my Pilates/Yoga routines, continue my long walks with the dog and the baby, and I will learn to love my post-baby body despite how it is different than my pre-baby body. As long as I am healthy, my pre-baby pants shouldn't matter.

The final goal is to experiment more with cooking/baking.

I'm not a fantastic cook by any means. My goal is not to be able to whip up delicacies without a recipe; I just want to take more risks and add meals to my menu to keep from getting bored. I plan to take cues from Martha Stewart now and then, but mostly I'd like to get advice from friends and family and keep it simple.

Do you have four simple goals you'd like to share? Just like Elise, the initiator of this idea, I'd love it if you'd leave a link in the comments to your blog once you've picked your goals. Let's all help make 2010 go out with a bang!


  1. I love this! Although I did cry when I read the first one, I am really struggling with that right now. I work so I am constantly asking for help with babysitting, but it eats me up everyday with worry about the inconvenience to others. I am totally with you on the pre-baby body I cry about that one a lot too! I have some great quick recipes if you want some, quick is the key word to cooking with a baby.

  2. These could be all of my goals. :) Every one! Probably the same ideas that I struggle with all the time, just different circumstances.

  3. i love this idea of just 4 simple goals. i really need to do this! good luck with your goals!

  4. I love your four goals! I know I struggle with most of those as well.

  5. love your goals. especially the cooking. i think i need to make some goals. yes.


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